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Selecting A Certified Car Repair New Orleans

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A fleet is a group of several vehicles owned by a company, utility, or municipality (government). A taxi cab company, a rental car company, and the telephone company are some examples of fleets. Preventive maintenance is scheduled ahead of time. Public safety is the most important consideration, so safety inspections are done on a regular basis. Some fleet shops subcontract major repairs to another specialty shop. Others perform all of their own repairs. Fleet technicians often repair diesel and alternative fuel vehicles, too. There is a tremendous and growing shortage of trained automotive technicians. Vehicles have become very complex and the education and knowledge required of today's technician is much more than that required to repair and service vehicles produced 30 years ago. Due to the complexity of today’s vehicles, car repair New Orleans technicians often choose one or more areas of specialization.


There are eight specialty areas under the automotive repair umbrella. Many technicians are certified through the voluntary certification program administered by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). The eight automotive repair areas of specialization are: Engine Repair, Engine Performance, Heating and Air Conditioning, Electrical Systems, Automatic Transmissions and Transaxles, Standard Transmissions and Axles, Brakes and Suspensions Tests are given twice each year, usually at a school in the community. To become certified in one of the specialty areas, one must pass between 60% and 70% of the questions (depending on the difficulty of the particular test). ASE sends test results that tell what percentage of test questions one passed in each area of the test. When one pass the test, a wall certificate and pocket protector with the certification dates are sent to one. Certified technicians can be identified by a shoulder patch that says "Automotive Technician."


A master car repair New Orleans technician is a journey- level professional that is certified in all eight of the ASE areas of specialization. A master technician has a different shoulder patch that says "Master Automobile Technician". One of ASE's other certifications is called the advanced engine performance specialist (LI). To qualify to take this test, a technician must first be certified in the regular automotive categories of engine performance and electrical systems. This test covers several areas: general power train performance but is simply seeking preventive maintenance, the customer experience is usually satisfactory. One major cause of customer dissatisfaction, however, is when the customer must return again in order to have the original problem corrected. In fact, in several surveys, the percentage of complaints not correctly diagnosed and repaired on the initial visit is nearly half. This problem can often be traced to faulty diagnosis by an undertrained service writer.


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