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Swimming Pool Maintenance 101 - To Cover or To not Cover

by poolmainsc

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Ahead of I owned a pool I normally believed that swimming pool maintenance lexington sc was going to become a real discomfort and troublesome. I had heard several horror stories from friends and acquaintances about all of the problems they had in maintaining their pools clean and balanced.

Effectively, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that immediately after our inground pool was installed, that swimming pool repair lexington sc of it really wasn't an issue. How did I reach this? I don't know -- but this can be what I do.

Initial we in no way invested within a pool maintenance columbia sc cover. Considering that we reside in SC we've got a number of months of 'cold' temperatures but the remainder of your winter is not too undesirable. We never swim a great deal from October to March but we do not cover it either. We simply leave the pump and filter operating. In the event the temperature drops beneath about 40 deg F, the pump automatically comes on to keep items from freezing. So, the initial factor we never must do will be to cover the pool.

By not covering the swimming pool service lexington sc, you save a huge selection of dollars by not possessing to get a pool cover just about every couple of years. But, in the extended run, you may potentially pay more for electrical energy to run the pump all year than a new cover would have cost.

By not covering the swimming pool renovation lexington sc but operating the pump all winter extended, you don't need to contend with all the stagnant green algae infested water that develops when it sits idle for months at a time. Fortunately this is not a problem when you run the pump all through the winter.

By not covering the pool, you'll be able to take a rapid dip anytime you please since the water is usually pretty darn clean. Even though few folks would ever take a quick dip in the winter, the point here is that the cleanliness and clarity in the pool stays so superior that you could swim in it, but additional importantly, receiving it balanced is as easy as taking a sample to become tested and understanding what chemicals to add. In other words you can be swimming within a day without any really serious effort or exhaustion.

Please keep in mind that we reside in South Carolina. This sort of pool maintenance lexington sc care may perhaps not be acceptable for much colder climates. When you live inside the north and have an inground pool, please speak to your regional pool corporation and they're going to be capable of advocate pool repair lexington sc one thing proper for your colder climate.

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