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Copper: A Good Option for DC Building Structures

by tiffanylarsen

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Copper roofs have adorned the top of many skyscrapers and building structures all over the world, and in some of those in the DC area which is host to the headquarters of various embassies, international organizations, and professional associations. A lot of people love copper roofs and how they age into something seemingly ethereal—a shiny, bluish-green hue that only copper can provide. If you are looking for a DC roofing material that truly stands out, copper may be the option you are looking for.

There are essentially two types of copper roof you can buy: solid and shingles. A solid copper roof consists of large copper sheets which are highly resistant to weathering and will protect your home for many decades. These, however, are incredibly costly. Copper shingles, on the other hand, are small sheets of copper attached to standard asphalt shingles. This type of copper roof is cheaper to install, but still a bit pricey.

A copper roof offers many advantageous aside from its looks. A typical asphalt roof will only last twenty to thirty years, while a copper roof can last well beyond a hundred years. Copper roofs are so durable that manufacturers are willing to provide warranty of up to 50 years for them.

Copper is an environment-friendly roofing choice as well since a majority of copper roof products in the market are made from recycled copper. Also, an old copper roof can be completely recycled if ever it needs to be replaced. It has a high fire rating, and it reflects heat during summer instead of absorbing it. All these factors contribute to copper as a green alternative.

Copper is a very lightweight roofing option. This is a huge advantage because it won't require as much structural support as traditional asphalt shingles. The material is so light, you can simply install copper sheets or shingles over your existing roof and not have to worry about removing it first. Since the old roof does not need to be removed, a copper roof installation can often be done quickly and easily.

Cost is the one major disadvantages presented by copper roofs as a Mount Pleasant roofing option because its scarcity makes it a more expensive roofing choice. Hopefully, this attractive and durable roofing option will become more affordable for many homeowners in DC to enjoy it. To learn more about copper roofs, visit

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