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Live prosperous, live happily

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The place that you own is your house. Your own house that provides you shelter and where you live, eat, sleep and do everything you want. Basically housing is a:

  • One of the basic needs for human being as shelter and protection
  • worth good
  • economic or financial savings
  • one’s identity
  • Major constituent of local, provincial and national economy.

A house will definitely cool you and flourish you if all the features of your house are flawless, that counts locality, neighbors, walking area, car parking area, nearby schools, nearby markets and super stores, restaurants and as well as amusement parks etc.

There are some functions or you may say that some factors of a good house that will make you satisfy and prosperous. Here:

  • House gives you protection from beasts, animals and human predators
  • A place for your personal possessions
  • Area where you have your own privacy
  • Store of wealth
  • Assembling workforce


Now let us discuss that what are the features or attributes that you might possibly concern while buying a good house;

  • Quality
  • Size
  • Livability
  • Services
  • Facilities
  • Habitability
  • Cost efficiency
  • Affordability
  • suitable motivation
  • equality and brotherhood
  • justice and peace in neighborhood


There is much research aligning the health of children to healthy housing. Children from damp neglected houses suffer more illness, have more hospital admissions, do poorly at school and are often exposed to domestic violence, transient living and other negative influences due to the stress caused by the families living conditions.

Other than that, good housing means the house should be in such a locality that is clean, that means there is no dirt in the streets, no stagnant water should be there on the road, the neighborhood should be kind, polite, decent, lovable and honest and sincere to you so that you may share happiness and sorrows with them an if you need them or they need you so you may ask for them anytime you want.


Good and adventurous amusement parks should be in the vicinity of your house and in your area so that you may easily go by walk to the parks on weekends and holidays to enjoy with your family.

A good hospital should be in the neighborhood of your house so that if in case of any god forbid emergency you may go quickly and easily without any hesitation.

Nearby good schools should be there in your area where you live so that you do not have to drop your children to far school and you can easily pick and drop your children by your own very conveniently.



So, satisfy your needs and live a prosperous life by buying houses from Iran Estate with complete protection, facilities, services, nearby amenities and much more at very affordable and reasonable prices, fully furnished homes and very satisfactory locality.

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