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Messenger Bags Men Will Actually Wear

by anonymous

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Over the years fashion for men hasn't change nearly as often as that of women. In decades past, a man would carry a briefcase to carry important documents and other items. For all but the corporate elite, briefcases are no longer in fashion. Enter the messenger bag. Bags for messenger have evolved from the functional courier bag made from a durable cloth material to fashionable bags used for business, travel, school and much more. Courier bags for men come in a variety of sizes and styles ranging from high-end leather courier bags to stylish bags with a more casual purpose. Check out the wide variety available on-line for some great examples.


So why have bags replaced briefcases in terms of use and popularity? Well for one, a messenger stylish  bag offers a bit more security. A briefcase gets heavy and the latches are exposed. On a crowded subway, someone could accidentally or even intentionally unlock a briefcase causing the contents to spill onto the floor. A bag for messenger is always on. If you step into a crowded subway, you can keep a your back on your shoulder and even rotate it so that the opening is right in front of you. The shoulder strap is a lot more comfortable then carrying a briefcase. Some leather briefcases feature straps, but often these straps are misplaced or offer no padding to support a heavy load. A bag made of canvas or other lightweight materials is going to be much lighter and will feature better padding and support. The subway isn't the only place a man will find use for a messenger bag. Some people ride bicycles, motorcycles or scooters to work or school. Obviously hanging onto a bulky briefcase would be dangerous. At the same time wearing a backpack may not be a viable option because backpacks typically make your back sweaty. Messenger bags men wear are comfortable and allow your skin to breathe when you're on the go.


Modern bags aren't all just for looks though. Some professions get a lot of use out of these bags. Many large cities employ bicycle couriers. This fast-paced and sometimes dangerous job requires a rigid and durable bag.  College students and business men alike find a bag to have multiple functions. A laptop locked inside of a briefcase isn't safe from getting banged around. And most laptop cases don't have a lot of extra room for additional books or presentation materials. A messenger bag serves a dual purpose by providing a safer environment for laptops and some room for extra papers, pens, study materials and presentations. Airlines these days have adopted very strict carry-on policies. A man with a stylish bag will be able to walk right past the group of people forced to gate check their carry on because the plane ran out of space in the overhead bins.  Some airlines will even allow people with a small carry on like a courier bag to board prior to the other passengers.  Fashion for men may change slowly, but with a messenger bag's durability and many uses you can bet it will be a while before they go the way of the briefcase.



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