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What to Ask the Columbus Vet

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There are no foolproof ways of selecting the Columbus Vet, but be as objective as pet owner can when making the decision. And remember, pet owner can always change to another. When pet owner first visit a vet, he or she will also get a chance to see the facilities and meet some of the staff. Think about whether pet owner like what he or she see, and whether the staff seems friendly and helpful. In addition, one may want to ask a few questions to help pet owner decide if this is the right choice for pet owner. What services are available at this particular clinic? A clinic may be a general veterinary practice. Or it could offer a smorgasbord of services, including emergency services, specialty medicine, boarding facilities, grooming, even behavior counseling and training. One-stop shopping or a good basic service, pet owner wants a facility that is organized in a way that will work for pet owner and their pet.


Whom should I contact in case of after-hours emergencies? Most clinics are open from eight or nine in the morning until six or seven at night. Emergency clinics open as the clinics are closing down and stay open until seven or eight in the morning. It’s unusual for a vet to handle his own emergencies—he needs his sleep, after all. Usually, the vet will refer pet owner to an emergency clinic for problems that occur after-hours, and pet owner will have to transfer the pet to the regular clinic the next day. But it’s important pet owner know how the vet will handle emergency services, so pet owner know who that he or she is likely to be dealing with if any late-night pet problems occur.


What veterinary specialists are there in the area and how do referrals to them work? What pet owner is really trying to find out here is if the vet is comfortable about calling in the experts on a particular veterinary problem. Pet owner want a Columbus Vet who can be objective about his strengths and weaknesses and not think that he can fix everything himself. There may come a point in the pet’s life when she needs to see someone with a specific expertise—a cardiologist, for example, or a dermatologist. Pet owner wouldn’t expect the family doctor to be an expert in brain surgery, behavioral counseling, root canals and eye exams, and there’s no reason why the vet should be any different.


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