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Stability and Security with Stretch Wrap Film

by claydelgado

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Unit load refers to the stacking of multiple boxes to stand on a single pallet to allow logistics to move more boxes at a time. You can see a lot of these loads in membership shopping chains, usually in the higher levels of huge shelves. You can also see these loads wrapped in stretch wrap film, giving a unit load more stability.

However, that's not the only thing stretch wrap film is known for; it has also been touted in the field of logistical security. With so many boxes being moved from shelf to shelf at a given time, a missing box or parcel is easy to miss. By grouping the boxes in a specific, unitized load, logistics can keep a close eye on anyone who illicitly tries to get their hands on the stocks. Here are two security benefits that stretch wrap film can offer.

Anti-Theft, Anti-Tampering
Stretch wrap is designed to tightly wrap around the unit load, not only making the load stable but also protecting it from theft and tampering. Even though the wrap can be stretched thin, it enjoys remarkable tear resistance especially when tightly wrapped. Experts recommend stretching the wrap up to a maximum of three times its size to ensure its integrity.

To further increase a unit load's security, mark the stretch wrap with ink or stickers all over. By leaving a mark on the pallet load, you can see more clearly whether or not there are signs of tampering on the unit. Torn stickers are fairly easy to see.

Climate Protection
As with most forms of plastic, stretch wrap is an excellent coat against dust and moisture that can affect packages one way or another. You can keep the boxes and their contents fresh with a low-cost method of climate control, given that you wrap the pallet nice and tight. There's no way to prevent the slow but subtle ravages of nature, but stretch wrap can shrug these off with ease. Pick the right stretch wrap and make sure every nook and cranny is covered.

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