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Different types of flowers

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One of the most beautiful elements of our nature are flowers. They are able to make people happy because of their beautiful colors and addicting fragrance. Different flowers are grown in different seasons like spring, autumn, summer, winter etc. The types of flowers can be distinguished in different ways like a specific region or area where they commonly grow. As we know that thousands of species of flowers are present in this world so in this post we going to take a look on some of the most common types of flowers.

First of all we are going to talk about the king of all flowers which is known as the Rose. It is the most beautiful flower of the world and it is available in different colors like black, white, yellow, pink etc. But the most common and popular color of rose is red. Rose has more than hundred species or types. This type of flower grows in the summers. It is the native flower of Asian countries.

Orchid is also a very beautiful flower. This flower is available in colors like blue, yellow, white, pink, violet etc. Thousands of species of orchid are available in the market. They usually grow in the warm and humid areas. Orchids are commonly available in different countries of America.

Jasmine is a flower that grows in warm areas. They are very gorgeous flowers and these kinds of flowers are very popular because of their beautiful fragrance. The most common colors of jasmines are white, yellow and blue.

Another beautiful flower which is of cup shape and this grows in the upward direction. The name of this flower is tulip. Tulip is commonly available in the countries like Japan, Italy and Australia. Tulips are very attractive flowers and they are available in a wide variety of colors such as pink, violet, purple, yellow etc.

The hydrangea is an eye-catching flower that usually grows in the areas like North and South America, Eastern and Central Asia and in Himalayas. This flower usually grows in the late summers and summers. The most common colors of hydrangea are white, blue and yellow.

Flowers are playing a very big role in the beauty of our nature. Nothing is better than the charming colors and the beautiful fragrance of the flowers. Every flower has its own shape, color, fragrance and value. In short, our world is pale without flowers.

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