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Setting the Scene for your Hot Tub

by aleanjons

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spa hot tubIf you’ve made the decision to invest in a spa hot tub then you’ll want to make sure that you are enjoying your tub as much as possible. To get the most out of hot tubs it’s important to think carefully about where they are situated and how you can make the space more comfortable and easy to use. If you set the scene for your spa hot tub effectively then your investment will be put to the best use. Read on for some tips on making the space around hot tubs more useable.

Paving the Way

If hot tubs are to be situated at a far end of a garden surrounded by lawn and plants then a clear path to the spa hot tub is essential. A path made of decking, stones or slabs will form a clear path to the tub that is kinder to the feet than picking a way across the bedding plants. Consider the water cleanliness too, feet that have had to walk over lawn and borders will be dirty therefore making the spa hot tub dirty too. It’s safer to walk on a clear path, reducing the risk of injury and a good path leading to hot tubs saves the garden from heavy footfall too.

Privacy Please

For owners of hot tubs who live in built up areas or who have neighbours overlooking their gardens some area of privacy where the spa hot tub is situated is essential. Who wants to relax somewhere that they are in view of neighbours or even passers-by? Creating an area of privacy around a spa hot tub is easy. Many users opt for light fencing panels such as bamboo or wicker screens around the spa hot tub area. This can also be achieved with plants, trees and shrubs, either planted directly into the ground or in large pots. The effect is a naturally shielded area that complements a garden setting.

Multi Use Areas

Where there are hot tubs there are people so it’s a good idea to extend the paved or decked area where the spa hot tub is situated to include seating such as garden chairs and sun loungers and a sturdy table for eating, drinking and relaxing at. If the area is to be utilised well then you might want to consider building a brick barbecue close to the area, but not too close to be in the line of the smoke. For added comfort a large parasol is essential too, ideally positioned over the table with an option to shield the spa hot tub too. Set the scene with garden candles and lanterns too.


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