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How to Build Highly Addictive and Viral Mobile Apps?

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The mobile devices and apps have become an integral part of modern lifestyle. You can hardly find a person who does not use a smartphone or tablet on a daily basis. The growing popularity of mobile applications has encouraged many developers and resellers to launch new apps to boost their revenues and profits. But each company wants to build apps that will become viral and addictive within a very shorts span of time. If you are exploring ways to make your mobile application hugely popular, it is a good idea to make a plan to make it different from similar apps. Also, the app must be promoted on the most relevant platforms to attract the attention of mobile device users, and impress them to use it on a regular basis.


Top mobile app development companies are churning out more and more engaging, addictive apps. Let us understand what makes a mobile app hugely popular.


6 Ideas to Make Your Mobile App Viral and Addictive


  • Optimize the Visual End of the App: Each user chooses a mobile application based on its features and functionality. But after realizing its value, most users start evaluating and comparing the visual end of the app. Despite being available for free, there are loads of applications that have failed to attract users due to lame graphics. So along with creating a lovable icon, you also need to explore innovative ways to boost the app’s visual appeal.


  • Make the App Sharable: Most users, nowadays, love to share their normal activities with friends through social networking platforms. A large number of users also find the social media both addictive and motivated. They often pick a new app based on the information posted by their friends on social networks. So your app must be designed with major social networks APIs. Along with allowing users to set up profiles and invite their friends, the app also need to make it easier for them to share their experience and achievements.


  • Incorporate Gamification Features: In comparison to other mobile applications, the gaming apps are hugely popular among all types of users. So you can consider incorporating some of the features of mobile games in your app to make it more popular. For instance, the mobile games allow users to share their highest score, or upgrade from a beginner to pro user. You must integrate these features in the theme and plotline of your app, regardless of its kind and purpose. The gamification features will keep the user engaged, and encourage them to promote the app through social media.


  • Notify the Users Regularly: Most mobile device users download apps on a daily basis. So there are always chances that they may forget about the existence of your app within a few days. You can always remind the users that the app is still installed on their mobile devices by sending notifications. Major mobile operating systems like Android and iOS allow apps to generate notifications. You can avail the functionality to remind users to use your app by sending notifications. However, you must decide the types and frequency of notification with adequate caution to prevent the application from being uninstalled by the user.


  • Use Catchy and Fresh Content: Regardless of the usability of your mobile application, content will have a huge impact on its popularity. Most users love the apps that use quality content presented in an interesting and engaging way. If the app provides stale content to the users, there are chances that they may not use it on a regular basis. You must remember that the content of your app is just like a blog. If the blog is updated at long intervals, it will not get regular website traffic. Similarly, you app will never become addictive, if does not use fresh, original, relevant and engaging content.


  • Allow Users to Personalize the Application: Many users love to personalize the look and feel of their mobile devices. Similarly, users also look for innovative ways to personalize the mobile application to experience something different. You have several options to make it easier for the users to personalize your application. The app can be personalized by allowing users to use the hardware installed on their device like camera. Also, you can allow users to integrate the app with popular social networks like Facebook to enjoy a social experience.


In addition to concentrating on the features and functionalities of your mobile application, you must implement a robust strategy to promote it. Your app must have presence on the most popular social networking platforms to attract more users. At the same time, you also have to enhance the credibility of you app by submitting it to tech blogs and review sites. The combination of innovative features and a comprehensive strategy will contribute towards making your mobile application viral and addictive.


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