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Do breast lifts surgery really work?

by gregore

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A breast lift is a surgical procedure that provides a woman with youthful, natural looking breasts. The process of aging can have an impact on a woman’s breasts in such a way as to cause them to droop and sag. They lose their shape and firmness, as well. This can be a source of embarrassment for some women because they feel they have a less than desirable appeal, especially around their significant others. There is absolutely no reason for a woman to have to feel this way, regardless of the reasons why. Modern medical science has provided a safe and effective technique to offer women beautiful, uplifted, and perky breasts. A woman should feel proud of the way she looks, and this surgery will make that happen.


A very positive aspect of breast lift surgery and its aftermath are how you will look in clothes. With uplift surgery, your profile is enhanced, and your figure is more contoured. This means that you can wear clothes and swimwear that is modern and stylish. You won’t have to try to mix and match tops and bottoms in an attempt to compensate for the disparity in your figure. An uplift can provide balance and symmetry to your form, and thus allow you to dress accordingly. Shopping for clothes will become fun again as opposed to a chore that you dread.


Breast lift surgery is known by the medical term mastopexy. It is comparable to breast augmentation surgery because the surgeon will reshape and re-contour the breasts. This type of surgery can make use of implants or not, depending on the size and shape of your breasts. An implant is used when additional fullness is desired. The procedure itself requires the removal of excess skin. The entire breast is lifted along with the nipple and areolas. Despite the common misconception, a nipple is never removed or detached. When the desired shape is achieved, excess skin will be removed from under the breast, and then the remaining tissue is shaped to the new contour. It typically lasts between two and four hours. Find out more about breast lift surgery click here.


The surgery enhances how your breasts look giving them and you a delightful new appeal. But that isn’t the only result of this surgery. A nice side effect is how your new look will make you feel. As we said earlier, you will feel better in clothes, but you will also feel an overall emotional lift, as well. Studies have shown that women who choose breast enhancement surgery undergo a boost in self-confidence and self esteem.


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