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6 things travelers love about Egypt

by askaladdin

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If you sit down and interview a compulsive backpacker, then you would discover that his favorite destinations would be the ones which have unique, refreshing and diverse attractions to offer. Perhaps this is the reason almost everyone has great things to say about Egypt. An Egyptian vacation is a dream desire for almost every inhabitant of our planet. There is a strong mysterious element, even a hint of macabre and horror, in the mummies, pyramids and Pharaohs. Since, these are so intimately connected with death and spirits, that every adventurer feels drawn to this nation.

Nevertheless, here are the 6 top things which travelers love about Egypt:

i. Pyramids: Pyramid is the best offering by the country. If you have seen a pyramid, then you feel a huge sense of contentment. Some people often cite, after witnessing this structure, that now they can die with peace. On the other hand, those who have never been fortunate enough to head for an Egyptian vacation keep longing to do so just to gaze at these ancient marvels and hold them with their eyes for eternity!

ii. Nile: Nile is perhaps the most loved river in the world when it comes to tourism. Nile cruises are run round the year and attract hundreds of global tourists. You do not necessarily have to stay in a hotel while touring this country. A huge number of people prefer to book a cruise on this river and explore the attractions through navigation. Nile, the longest river in the world, is also mystical and enigmatic! It connects you easily to all the happening towns and makes your sightseeing fast and pocket-friendly.

iii. Culture: Travelers, especially the photographers, are head over heels in love with the Egyptian culture. On the face of it, it may look a tad too stringent. But the warmth and tradition associated with it is something which cannot be undermined.
iv. Museums: If you are touring Egypt and haven’t visited the museums, then you are missing out on something really good! The best town having the best museums is the capital city of Cairo. The Egyptian Museum at Cairo holds some bewildering attractions including the mummy and the papyrus.

v. Sports: Yes, an Egyptian vacation is also coveted because of the sports opportunities! From the bumpy camel rides to the deep scuba diving, you can swing from one extreme to the other. Safari at deserts is also something which enthusiasts cannot resist.

vi. Bazaars: If you love shopping, then the bazaars of Egypt will make you go crazy. More than the artifacts it is the culture which fascinates again! But do pick up some souvenirs, even if you don’t buy anything else!

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