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Why develop websites with ColdFusion?

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Each company wants to develop powerful, compelling and dynamic websites at a rapid pace. Many companies also like to use rapid web application development technologies that are portable, scalable and fast. As a rapid web application development platform, ColdFusion allows developers to build a variety of websites without putting any extra time and effort. Based on the requirements of the project, ColdFusion can be used a programming language as well as an application server. Adobe has further released ColdFusion 10 with a set of innovative features to meet the latest trends in website and internet application development.

Why Develop Websites with ColdFusion 10?

Rapid Web Application Development

The constant changes in technology and user choices have made web application development both complex and competitive. Most companies, nowadays, look for options to build robust applications without investing any extra resources. As a powerful application server, ColdFusion allows developers to build high quality and customized websites and web applications at a rapid rate. Unlike other programming languages, ColdFusiondoes not require programmers to write lengthy and complex codes. So the programmers can build dynamic and robust websites without taking any extra time.

Efficient Data Management

Each website has to manage a large amount of information to meet the varying demand of users. For instance, most internet applications have to store, access, edit and update customer information stored on several databases. ColdFusion provides a single interface to developers to manage all their back-end support and databases. Further, the interface also allows them to track certain projects, and maintain data integrity in a secure environment. The feature makes ColdFusion suitable for developing a variety of websites that need dynamic information on a regular basis.

Seamless Integration with IT Environments

The performance of a web application depends on the way it is integrated with other IT environments. ColdFusion offers a web application server that work seamlessly on major platforms. The web application server helps developers to maintain stability for their existing applications. At the same time, a developer also has options to include additional applications into existing ColdFusion websites by using a simple framework. ColdFusion also offers a set of tools that helps programmers in integrating a variety of databases and web pages at a rapid pace.

Built-In Support for HTML5

HTML5 is commonly used by programmers to build a wide range of robust and interactive applications. ColdFusion is designed with built-in support for the HTML5 WebSockets, which makes it easier for developers to publish data to several clients, and perform point-to-point data push with real-time server response. A developer also do not need any prior programming knowledge to access the HTML5 WebSockets instantly. Also, he can use the built-in CFCHART tag to access and implement interactive client-side HTML5 charts. The charts can further be customized easily to meet the specific requirements of the website.

Easy to Create and Publish Web Services

Most websites are now being used with web services to improve user experience. But developers have to put some extra effort to create and publish web services. The latest version of ColdFusion is designed with SOAP 1.2, WSDL 2.0 specification and document literal wrapped style. These features make it easier for developers to create and deploy a variety of web services to make the website more efficient. ColdFusion 10 is further designed with Axis 2 Web service framework that reduces the amount of time required to deploy the web services.

Option to Use AJAX

Most developers use asynchronous JavaScript and XML technology (AJAX) to make their internet applications run without any interruptions. AJAX is effective in receiving and transmitting data stored on web servers without having impact in the look and feel of the website. A programmer can incorporate AJAX in the ColdFusion web application to improve the user experience. The seamless AJAX and ColdFusion programming will surely help the developers in building a powerful website to meet the latest trends in user choices. The integration will further customize the internet application to meet specific requirements of clients.

Adobe has released ColdFusion 10 with a set of innovative features to allow developers to build websites with a higher level of flexibility and scalability. These features further make it easier for programmers to develop cross-platform application without putting any extra time and effort. ColdFusion migration to latest versions has become all the more worth.

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