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Less Known Medical benefits of Botox

by advinrosa

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Botox is useful in treatment of few medical conditions, not just for cosmetic procedures.

You might have already heard something about Botox treatment. Yes, you heard it right. It is a kind of protein used in the cosmetic surgeries and treatment. It is useful but improper usage of this protein is very dangerous. As like with any other product in the world, there are pros and cons for this element also. One should know that this protein will give good benefits when it is injected in optimal quantities under the skin. But when it is improperly injected or when it is taken in more quantities, it will cause many other problems, sometimes leading to death also. Keeping its cons aside, there are certain range of pros and we will discuss about them now:

Botox will interfere with the functions of nervous system and it will give relaxation to the muscle tissue. Injecting this item will ease the pain and will also reduce the discomfort occurred due to few medical conditions. Apart from cosmetic surgeries, this Los Angeles Botox will also be used in:

Muscle Relaxation: We all know that penicillin will be extracted from fungus and is injected in to humans for medical treatment. In the same way, purified form of Botox obtained from a bacterium will be used for relaxing the muscles. It is because of the reason that this protein has ability to block the production of acetylcholine which is hormone involved in transmitting the information from nerve endings. It will cause slight range of paralysis to the muscle in certain limited range of area. In some cases, involuntary muscles of eyes and face will move without the intervention of signals from brain. In such cases, this Botox treatment will be done for paralyzing those muscles and for restoring relaxed condition.

In certain conditions called server muscle spasm in neck, blepharospasm, strabismus, etc, this Botox treatment will be used. It will be helpful to get relief from shoulder pains and neck pains as in conditions called cervical dystopia.

Reduction of Wrinkles on Face: During the early stages, Botox was actually thought to be used for realigning the crossed eye, but the immediate & accurate effects of Botox have made dermatologists to use this medicine for removing or reducing fine lines & deep wrinkles. The effect of this protein in reducing the wrinkles on face will last for only few months i.e. from three to six months. After that period, the skin will come back to original shape and will require another injection for reducing the wrinkles.

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