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Importance of California Clinical Research

by advinrosa

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Clinical research plays an important role to the society in inventing new medicines and determining new medical conditions.

A California clinical research is a study that is carried out on human beings to determine how safe a drug is and, if the study is designed adequately, how well the drug works. Clinical trials are carried out in two types of research subjects. The first are research subjects who do not have the disease being studied; these are known as healthy volunteers. The second are research subjects who have the disease being studied, or patients. Studies conducted in healthy volunteers are known as Phase 1 studies. They are sometimes referred to as “first-in-man studies” if the drug has not been studied previously in humans. The goal of these studies is to determine the pharmacological and pharmacokinetic effects of the drug, often at very low doses.

The goal of a clinical trial that is conducted in patients is to conduct a controlled study of the effectiveness and safety of a drug. This is accomplished by studying a representative group of research subjects. The results of the clinical trial can then be extrapolated to the wider affected patient population. For instance, patients with colorectal cancer will be studied in clinical trials to determine if the drug that is being developed can be used to treat patients with colorectal cancer. The number of patients that must be studied in a clinical trial in order to represent the wider population is defined by statistical concept. Tests in laboratories and on animals can only suggest a drug s potential to treat a disease or condition effectively. Tests on animals are not sufficient to confirm if the drug works because animals are not exact replicas of human beings. An effect that is observed in animals may not be seen in humans because of species differences. Studies must therefore be carried out in humans even after extensive studies have been carried out in animals. The animal studies help to guide the doses to be used in clinical trials and can provide insight into how the clinical trials should be designed.

There are different types of clinical trials as shown below, although this list is not exhaustive: california clinical research is carried out on new drugs that have not previously been commercialized for use in patients. Clinical trials are conducted to find new uses for old medicines. For instance, aspirin is used to prevent heart attacks, although it was initially developed for use as a painkiller. Clinical trials helped to establish that aspirin could be used in the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disease, myocardial infarction, and stroke. Combinations of marketed medicines can sometimes be more effective than the individual medicines on their own. New combinations of established medicines may be tested in clinical trials. Many cancer treatments are used in combination. Tuberculosis (TB) and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) treatments are also always used in combination. Medical devices are tested in clinical trials before they are sold. An example of a medical device is an electrocardiographic (ECG) machine, which is used to monitor the heart. Diagnostic tests are used to identify diseases that patients are suffering from.

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