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How do you play smoothly on a Windows PC AVCHD (MTS) video?

by xw227751

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How do you play the AVCHD (. Mts) video on the Windows PC.

Can I play on a Windows PC AVCHD (. Mts) video in any player.

How do you play smoothly on a Windows PC AVCHD (MTS) video.

How do you play on a Windows PC AVCHD (. Mts) video?

It supports AVCHD/MTS/M2TS videos to original Windows 7 [2], but if Windows XP / Vista OS, using a special registry batch, M2TS/MTS file "Blu-ray. Transport. Stream. File This requires you to bind with Windows Media Player ", also called AVCHD file. If other than that, will be not found a codec for your PC. however, WMP and the third-party codec fully batch of MP4/M4V/M4A for .MKV / MKA, Flac and it is necessary to develop a plug-in or get some to link together also can be obtained.

If the old version, and so remove the video data,. That by using the ffdshow-tryouts the latest version, you can play the files in WMP AVCHD/M2TS/MTS is, will not work.

There is also a lack point VLC is a playback tool of AVCHD video the most popular or get some. First, if you do not upgrade to VLC to the latest version, when watching a video on the Windows PC, only the displayed gray background It is not, for a while, you hear the voice, but there is a possibility it is improperly terminated by then. Moreover, if you have not provided the Firewall function of strong, likely to voice, or seen only flashes video only hear corruption. is big (streaks) there is a possibility to view images you have.

Not that AVCHD player has failed AVCHD / MTS data is, or is broken, it be able to play AVCHD video on a Windows PC, and to be careful, a big burden on the graphics card and Windows CPU It is to bring.

How do you play smoothly on a Windows PC AVCHD (MTS) video.

If you look from the above description, it is susceptible to damage to play AVCHD video on a Windows PC directly. Besides, there is likely to cause trouble not expect well, even if you work on Centrino .

So, in order to solve problems like this, and the suggestion of your number, it does not need to have a graphics card and high-end quad-core in advance here.


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