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Multiple Facets Of Maritime Jobs

by maritimeconnector

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Since the ancient times man has exhibited an amazing tendency of ship travel because more than 70% of the earth is covered by water bodies. The maritime jobs were in great demand in those times. There was an aberration in the middle ages when the society became more introvert and the sea jobs were on a decline. The onset of the modern era reversed the trend leading to a spurt in the jobs on ships. The dawn of the internet era has helped the people to search for the jobs on ships. The amazing user interface has helped the novices to understand the content with the series of departments clearly explaining to the candidates how they must apply for the available maritime vacancies. The mushrooming of the maritime companies has led to the increase in the world trade to trillions of dollars that has provided fillip to the Offshore Jobs in the recent past. To get a sneak peak at the maritime companies that are offering maritime jobs you must search through the results sections to have a complete understanding of their profile and business. The future prospect in a company is important when you are considering the jobs at seaThe engine department has been very popular because it recruits only engineers that demand high packages and ideally they are said to be the best positions in the maritime recruitment process.  In the present era the Chief Engineer is the person who supervises the engine department of the ship and is considered to be quite pivotal to its working. If you want to apply for the above offshore jobs you must have experience in computer networks because the modern day ships are fitted with the state of the art equipments making it as one of the most sought after jobs at sea.


The online processing of application makes it quite easy to apply for the jobs on Ships because you do not need the services of the intermediaries or the brokers who tend to charge a very large amount which is the highlight of the Maritime recruitment process. You can also find about the junior positions available in the engine department that also form an integral component of the sea jobs.


There are many pitfalls in the maritime jobs because it is a risky occupation since the sea and the ship might behave in an unpredictable fashion. It would lead to injuries to the employees of the ship. The website provides information regarding the compensation claims by the sea men to the respective companies in case of accidents. This is regarded as one of the most important aspect of the insurance cover offered during offshore Jobs

The web site acts as a bridge between the maritime companies and the prospective employees and is similar to any other job site if you derive an analogy.


If you are an employer and need to use the service you must become the member by filling in the information where in you need to enter the name of the company address and telephone number. After completing the process the company is allowed to advertise for the maritime vacancies. The company can search through the resumes of the candidate by depositing a nominal amount of 135 euro which is deducted as a service charge and is pivotal to finding the jobs at sea. The prescribed size and the format of the advertisement of the maritime jobs are also provided as a guideline to the companies.


The maritime recruitment not only depends upon the rank of the person but also on the size of the ship which is measured in terms of the weight and area of the vessel.  The weight of the ship can range from 20000 tons and can go up to 40000 tons. The jobs on ships require you carefully search through the database of the companies.  In the recent past lots of people from South Asia have applied for the maritime vacancies.

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