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Long Island Roofing Supplies: A Brand War

by arthurbryant

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GAF is widely known as a major roofing manufacturer for North American homes, from sturdy shingles to quality underlayment. However, many agree that Grace Ice and Water Shield is the better underside membrane despite the cost, due to its thickness. For roofing cement and other adhesives, brands such as Karnak and Tamko are well-known among roofers and DIY people.

Brands here, brands there, brands everywhere. It's almost impossible to stick to one brand if you want the best protection your money can buy. There are some roofing companies that specialize in one part of the roof such as Grace, which is popular for its underlayment. A brand is only as good as how many people, pro or non-pro, use them; roofing is no different. That's why you can often see contractors which carry different brands of roofing supplies in Long Island.

Roofing surface

Tamko may be a player in the roofing materials category, but the bigger players like Certain Teed and GAF dwarf it. Perhaps it's safe to say that they're the Coke and Pepsi of the roofing industry, with each side boasting an impressive array of resilient roofing materials. However, the difference between the two starts with the warranty.

Some owners say Certain Teed gives a wider elbow room in warranty coverage, particularly in the way shingles are nailed. If the shingles aren't installed as instructed, a roofing manufacturer has the right to declare the warranty void. GAF, on the other hand, offers a more restricted policy on the placement of the roofing nails, a chalk line 1/16 of an inch wide compared with Certain Teed's 1.5-inch nailing strip.

Pushing brands

Experts say some roofing contractors may only offer a specific brand of roofing supplies in Long Island or in other places. While the law doesn't really prohibit this, it may be better if a contractor allows the client to choose from multiple brands. Keep in mind that there are specialized roofing material brands that perform better. Of course, this is assuming that you want to get the best protection, no matter the cost.

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