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Los Angeles Shredding on Wheels: Inside a Shredding Truck

by rubybadcoe

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A certified Los Angeles shredding service can do wonders for your company, as shredding documents that contain sensitive information can protect your company and clients. However, one small unit may not be enough to meet your shredding needs. When you have many documents that require disposal, you'll need to accomplish the task using a big solution. Bring out the big guns by calling in a shredding truck, which is basically a shredder on wheels.

Shredding trucks can be seen in community shredding events; these trucks set up on-site and receiving tons of documents for shredding. Shredding trucks usually consist of two parts: a powerful shredding system that can do more work than an office shredder, and a storage tank where the shredded pieces go. These trucks are ideal for shredding more paper at a given time (normal shredders can only shred a few pieces at a time).

The shredder is located between the storage tank and the driver's seat. The truck uses an industrial-grade shredding system that can shred hundreds of pounds of paper per hour depending on the cut. For example, a shredder with a 5/16-inch strip cut configuration can shred up to 1,200 lbs of paper per hour.

The feed in the shredder is considerably bigger and has sharper blades, allowing it to shred harder materials like folders. Its performance, however, is matched by its weight as shredders in trucks usually weigh more than a ton. This is why they're mounted on stable platforms such as the chassis of a six-wheeler.

The feed routes the shredded pieces into the storage tank at the back of the truck, which is easily accessible by the cargo door. Typical storage tanks in shredding trucks can hold up to 6,000 lbs but bigger trucks can hold as much as 10,000 lbs of shredded materials. The shreds are unloaded upon arriving at a paper mill or holding facility where they're processed accordingly. In case a fire breaks out of the tank, most trucks come with their own sprinkler systems.

Most certified shredding companies offer mobile shredding services, so keep an eye out for this option. Professional shredding is a cost-efficient and prudent method of disposing redundant documents in a city as economically competitive and diverse as Los Angeles. If you want to learn more about the importance of shredding in Los Angeles, you can visit:

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