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The Need for Customer Satisfaction Survey

by anonymous

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Customers are the reason for any type of business. Be it small scale or large, every industry has its own customers. A customer varies from another in a number of different ways like the product bought, demography, age, sex, etc. Satisfying a customer completely is no joke as every individual tends to differ in something or the other. Customers can be classified into different groups though according to their buying pattern but this needs some research in order to come up with the statistics. The statistics are vital and will be necessary to implement a business model suitable for the customers and hence grow to greater heights. This is known as customer satisfaction research and is a prominent member of any sort of business. It is a marketing strategy which allows the respective firm to have a clear idea on what the customer feels about the product. Whichever the company it is, there are certain basic criteria aimed at pleasing the customer.

The customer satisfaction survey shows whether the firm has achieved the goals it had regarding the customers. There is a basic cycle which goes on when a firm does the customer satisfaction market research is as follows. First the changes are made from a previous research to make the product a better one. Next the new and improved product is sold to the customers. Now the progress of the sales is observed for a particular period of time. If the product is selling as per the research there are no more changes made in the product unless the customers feels there needs to be a change which will generally take some time. The customers are also enquired on the changes made to the product and survey is conducted. In case the product still needs some changes, the changes are done and the product is improved before it hits the shelves again.

Another way to determine the quality of products is the customer perspective mystery shopping.  Here anonymous customers while shopping, take different surveys on the service, quality or even the quantity of a product. It is these mystery shoppers who ensure there is no adulteration in the products we are buying in a daily basis. The mystery shoppers are usually part of a mystery shopping firm whose primary job is to take a survey on different products with the aid of the mystery shoppers.

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