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Explore Historic Rome – Stay in an Apartment in Rome

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Rome allows visitors to step back in time, but that does not mean your accommodations should be outdated or overpriced. Instead of staying in expensive hotels or questionable hostels, visitors of the city should consider looking for an apartment in Rome for a short-term stay. Vacation rentals Rome are among some of the best options for accommodations in this historic and vibrant city due to their size, price range and location. Staying in a vacation rental while visiting Rome will free up more money in your budget to see more sights and take on more activities.


As the capitol of Italy, Rome is the most visited city in the country. Additionally, Rome is the country’s largest city with nearly 3 million people living within its city limits and an additional 3 million in its surrounding areas. Rome was founded in 753 BC and the centre of the Roman Empire. With a history that exceeds over 2,000 years, it is a city with an overabundance of historical and cultural sites that significantly impacted Italy and the continent as a whole. These sites are seemingly on every corner of the city, which means that a visitor of the city must map their time and budget carefully to ensure they see and do all they planned!

There is no shortage of things to see in Rome. The majority of visitors will clamor to see the Coliseum, which hosted thousands of gladiator fights during the height of Rome, and the Circus Maximus, which was the largest stadium in Rome to host chariot races. Additionally, there is the Pantheon, a temple for pagan gods; the Trevi Fountain; and the Vatican City, which includes St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums. As a major center of the Italian Renaissance, Rome boasts amazing artistic feats, including the breathtaking Sistine Chapel, which was painted by Michelangelo. Rome hosts works by other famous artists including Raphael and Caravaggio, with the former’s work available in the Vatican Museums.

However, to see all of the sites in Rome would mean to spend a great deal of money. If you do not want to sacrifice the amount of sites you see, you should consider adjusting your accommodations budget to include more affordable rental apartments. For more information about vacation rentals Rome availability, visit Rome Address is a leading rental company that provides affordable and comfortable accommodations to visitors of Italy. Rome Address offers rentals in Rome, Capri and Tuscany at the moment. Book a rental today to help shape the trip of a lifetime.

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