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Netbook computers vs laptops: Comparison of their features

by wolvol

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If you were planning to buy a laptop, you may reconsider your decision! Laptops can be quite expensive and even though they have virtually made the desktops redundant, they are still quite heavy and not as easy to carry as you might be tempted to think! Technology has made rapid strides over the last couple of years and has sprung up quite a few surprises in the form of more portable and cheaper gadgets. A netbook computer is one such gadget which merits a special mention. It is not only less pricey than a laptop but is also quite lighter. Besides, it is a better device to be handed over to your children and can satisfy every member of the family on almost all counts.

Netbook computers are cheaper than laptops. So, if money is your main criterion of selection of a gadget, then they definitely score over those clichéd laptops! Secondly, these cheap netbooks are quite smaller in size. Their smallness certainly helps the users since these can be carried quite easily and without putting much muscular effort. It would also be right to say that your 10-year old kid will find it quite a Herculean task to carry laptops to schools, if he needs to! But netbooks are quite lighter and are made after keeping their specific needs in mind. In fact, such netbooks are kid-friendly devices and have been designed with features meant for the smaller age group.

So, if you take a look at the screen of a netbook, you shall find that despite being small, it has made room for larger fonts. This provision has been made keeping in mind the basic needs of the kids. One can cite with fairness that the kids of today are required to spend hours poring over screens. Whether they are playing games or whether they are taking down notes, their life has become dominated heavily by gadgets. So, since they spend a lot of hours before the glaring screens, it makes sense to get them netbook computers that have protective, smaller and friendlier screens.

Having small screen implies that the amount of light which radiates out of it is less. Thus, the impact on the young eye is not very heavy! Low screen light also helps the battery to last for longer hours. But if there is one thing which goes against these netbook computers, then it is the absence of a DVD Drive.

This is the only con in their list of features. So, anyone who is hooked to movies will rebuff these gadgets. But they do make for excellent devices for children, students and teenagers.


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