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Statistics of Data Loss Reasons and Facts

by sunshinegreen

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Every day there are some stories about data loss happening beside
us. Sometimes, you may lose a valuable document which is made after
hours of hard work; Sometimes, you may delete a precious file and empty
the recycle bin in addled state... It seems that data loss has already
become a common phenomena in both business life and daily computer
activities. There are many reasons that can cause data loss in digital
life. However, you can easily get lost files back with a file recovery mac software.


Statistics about Main Data Loss Reasons

Just as the pie chart shows:

  • 1. About 78% data loss is caused by hardware and system
    problems, such as hard drive crash, hard disk damage, system crash and
  • 2. It is reported that human error is the second data loss cause,
    accounting for 11% of total data loss reasons. Wrong file deletion,
    accidental format, unexpected USB ejection and etc are common human
  • 3. The third data loss reason in statistics is software failure
    that gets 7 percent of data loss causes such as software corruption,
    malfunction, bug and etc.
  • 4. According to statistics, the virus infection is another
    important data loss cause in digital life. Every year, about 2% data
    loss is cause by virus, such as malware, spyware, virus-infected file
    attachments and more.
  • 5. About 1% data loss happens due to natural disasters, such as rain-wetted computer, computer stolen and etc.
  • 6. About 1% data loss is cause by some other unknown reasons.

Have you already lost a lot of files due to the above reasons? Data
loss is so common in computer life, so have you formed the good habit
of backing up files regularly?

How Many People Backup Files?

To avoid file loss, maybe regular backup is one of the best ways.
However, only a few people keep the good habit in work and life. As a
data loss statistics reported, there are only 25% of computer users keep
this good habit backup, and about 22% people add backing PC on their
to-do list but seldom carry them out.

File backup is one the effective data loss prevention tips. If you
can back up important digital files regularly, this will keep you away
from annoying file loss.

How to Recover Lost Files on Mac?

If you find files lost, firstly you can go to trash or recycle bin to
check whether these files exist or not. If they have been emptied from
trash, then you can try to recover deleted files on Mac with a Data recovery application. By following the brief guide below, you can easily get lost files back within 4 steps:

  • 1. install and start Kvisoft Data Recovery for Mac
  • 2. select a media storage type to recover data from
  • 3. choose Deep Scan and start file scanning
  • 4. Preview files and do file recovery

It requires no technical skills but only clicks to recover lost files
with this Kvisoft Data Recovery for Mac. With it, you can recover lost
files, such as images, videos, audio, emails, documents and etc from
both computer hard drive and external data storage devices.

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