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Things to Consider When Acquiring a Yogurt Franchise

by josephcarr

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Yogurt is one of the most popular milk products in the world today. It is produced from the fermentation of milk; protein reacts with lactic acid to give yogurt its tangy flavor and thick, creamy texture. Most of the yogurt available in the market today still has live bacteria or probiotic cultures which help aid gastrointestinal function, improve lactose digestion and stimulate the immune system.

There are three basic types of yogurt. First, there's the set-style or Balkan yogurt, a mixture of warm cultured milk incubated in containers, and unstirred. Second, there's the stirred or Swiss-style yogurt, also a mixture of warm cultured milk, incubated in a large vat and later stirred to achieve a creamy texture. Third is the thick Greek-style yogurt, made of milk with some water removed or plain yogurt with the whey removed. If you are interested to cash in on this $4.1 billion industry by acquiring an established yogurt franchise, here are some things to consider.

As with any kind of business, location is one of the most critical factors that can influence success. Your franchise store or restaurant should be accessible to as many customers as possible. Setting up inside a mall or on a busy street is always advantageous. One's location against direct and indirect competitors should also be considered. The less competition present, the better.

Supply Chain
Supply chain management is essential for business efficiency and customer satisfaction. Effective management of the chain can tremendously cut operational expenses, saving you thousands or even millions of dollars. A streamlined supply network structure will also strengthen your relationships with related businesses, benefiting you in the long run. Although an existing franchise already has an established supply chain, it doesn't hurt to innovate it.

Everyone understands that technology plays a major role in everyone's lives nowadays. Your yogurt franchise can profit from investing in the latest technology to speed up production and improve the taste of your product, with the approval of the franchiser, of course. Having an online presence is also valuable.

Successful frozen yogurt brands attribute their success and longevity to these factors. You can follow their lead to ensure that you create your mark in the food industry. For more information on its profitability, go to

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