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Guide to Looking your Best in your Wedding Pictures

by ethanmatthew

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A wedding day is special for the family, friends, and the groom; but for the bride even more so. As a bride, you have spent some precious hours of your growing years dreaming about the one day when you are treated like the princess.

With all the planning that has gone into the day one thing you should definitely focus on is looking your very best for the pictures. Even the most breathtakingly beautiful brides tend to shy in front of the lens. This is a simple guide to how you can look your best in your wedding photos.

1. Practicing your Pose

There is a lot to learn from celebrities about looking a couple of pounds lighter in front of the camera. Most Miami wedding photographers recommend brides to go the classic red carpet pose where you stand with your hips rotated 45 degrees from the camera. Do not hold back from practicing in front of the mirror. Remember to put your weight on your back foot, and cross your other leg in the front to elongate it. Bend the front knee to avoid looking stiff. You can also put your hand on your hip.

2. Relaxing your Face

A Miami wedding photographer can go on for eons when it comes to taking shots of you with the groom, your family and your guests. All that grinning can get quite painful. So it is important to consciously relax your face every time you feel your brow furrow, smile stiffen or eyes squint. Close your eyes for a few seconds, let your lips fall back and relax your facial muscles.

3. Accessorizing

Even though you may have taken care of all the basics when it comes to achieving the perfect bridal look, make sure you have considered all the elements that go into highlighting your personal bridal style. Hair pieces look exquisite with a bridal gown especially after the veil comes off at the reception.

4. Showing how you really Feel

Ask any Miami wedding photographer and he will tell you that the best shots are taken when the bride and the groom are completely at ease. Try to be as comfortable as possible throughout the event, since you never know when your photographer is taking candid shots of you. Also being yourself will allow you to relive the actual moments you experienced on your special day.

Also, this is a great opportunity to bring out your inner star. If you are comfortable enough, feel free to exaggerate your poses and emotions. Also remember that there is no such thing as ‘too close’. A major part of wedding pictures is capturing the chemistry between the couple. Make sure you give your photographer sufficient opportunities to capture the same!

About the author:

Ethan Matthew have been writing blogs and articles for more than 5 years and is excited to be apart that provides photography and video filming service in and around Miami. If you are planning your wedding on the exquisite beaches of Miami then feel free to contact Diamond Studios for professional Miami wedding photographers.

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