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How deck stains differ from each other?

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There are lots of different deck stains right now in the market. It could be easy to say that water-based deck stains are one of the most popular nowadays. The VOC law has influenced the production of these deck stains a lot, because in some places of the USA it is ideal for the temperature. However, oil-based deck stains have also been in the game for multiple years, so most of the time people are choosing between the new-trend water-based deck stains and oil- based deck stains.


Oil-based deck stains are natural and easy


It could be said, that oil-based deck stains have the ability to penetrate into wood really precisely, so most of the times there are no problems in applying them. Some people love oil-based deck stains because it looks more natural than any other deck stain. However, deck staining Palos Hills specialists say, that sometimes it is better to use the new-technology water-based deck stains, if the customer wants longevity.



Water-based deck stains are the new trend


If we would check deck staining Naperville, it could be really easy to see that in the last ten years a lot more water-based deck stains were applied than before. Some manufacturers started to produce this type of deck stains because they managed to make it quite cheaper than the old oil-based deck stains. On the other hand, this technology might be better for some areas in the USA. Deck staining Naperville team sais that the weather should be balanced and not too hot nor too cold, if you want to apply water-based stains. Deck Staining Crystal Lake specialists argue, that water-based deck stains are good for those customers, who live in areas, where the temperature is average and won’t do much good for those, who live in extremely hot or cold areas. Sometimes they recommend using solid decking stains. Actually, those decking stains look like paint. But some deck staining Palatine team managed to analyze the pros of these deck stains: they have a really good protection from UV, which means, it is really perfect for sunny places. So, if you happen to live in a sunny-sided place, for example, Miami or California, it is pretty easy to say, that you should try solid decking stains. Maybe not everybody will like it because it doesn’t look as natural as the ones made with oil or water technology, but it is pretty easy to say that these solid deck stains will be living for long.


So what should you choose?


There is no doubt that water-based deck stains are really friendly to the nature – they are ecological and have a water clean-up technology that really won’t do much harm, but the problem is that the water-made deck staining Oak Lawn might not penetrate well. However, if you fell that you want your deck stains to look as natural as it could be, that deck staining Barrington recommends you to use oil-based deck stains. Probably they are easiest to apply, but real deck staining Carpentersville professionals still should have all the needed knowledge and provide you with a warranty.




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