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The Fight Continues for Prochoice Advocacies

by allenjenny101

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Murder is a black and white case. However, place that in the context of abortion, and the whole country starts expressing opposing opinions about the evils of abortion and prochoice sentiments for women’s rights. Just last month, a new case jeopardizing the status of abortion in the US states hit the news desks. Kermit Gosnell was convicted of first-degree murder. The charges against him were three infanticides and an unintentional murder of a grown woman. If you are following the news, most especially online, there is no way you could have missed this issue.

The abortion physician was convicted, his abortion clinics closed. After this example of abortion totally gone wrong, what might be the fate of the abortion clinics in Charlottesville VA and in other US states? Several states have been adding restrictions to their respective abortion laws yearly. The Court has also acted on this particular incident and included abortion on the list of cases they will address. What happens to abortion rights now? Will anti-abortion activists finally be silenced with victory? Will abortion rights advocates concede in defeat? No group is a sure winner or loser except the group of women directly affected by this issue.

Before deciding to directly abolish the abortion practice in the US, the Court and our legislators need to congregate and carefully decide if this move will really benefit women. We cannot deny that women have been making the most out of their abortion rights. When you check the statistics, thousands of women still undergo abortion every year. Nowadays though, there are lesser abortion practices due to the increased use of contraceptives among women. Various reports have concluded that because of added restrictions to the abortion law, many abortion clinics throughout the country will be forced to close their practice--when other states even only have a single abortion clinic.

One practical solution for abortion providers is to prove the stigma brought by the Kermit Gosnell case wrong. They have to improve their facilities and services to a level that even the restrictions on the abortion law cannot find fault in them. Other than improved services, their medical professionals should also be legally accredited by the state to practice abortion services. If these abortion providers really believe that women should be given that right to choose for their own, they have no choice but to rise to the occasion.

The Gosnell incident is a sure roadblock to the progression of abortion in our society. However, prochoice advocates are driven enough to let this dampen their prochoice advocacies regarding abortion. As mentioned above, they will just have to work harder to prove to the state that they can operate and comply to abortion regulations even if the state adds more restriction every year. Better abortion clinics have to prove that they are just that--better. Legitimate abortion clinics will not have to worry about any additional restrictions because they operate within the limits of the law at the first place. They just have to perform better.

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