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Breast Implants: Finding The Right Fit For You

by jeffhewson

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Everyone’s body is different. Even the smallest difference is important when it comes to selecting the right kind of breast implant. Before your surgeon recommends an implant, he or she may perform a series of comprehensive measurements and evaluate your skin and breast tissue characteristics. These measurements play a key role in determining what kind of implants fit your unique shape. Your surgeon may consider the following:

  • The symmetry of your breasts
  • The width of your breasts
  • Your skin and breast tissue characteristics
  • The location of the incision and the implant
  • Your goals and desires for surgery


Careful preoperative planning is important because a Breast Implants that is too large for your tissue can result in excessive stretching of the skin and can contribute to the need for future corrective surgeries. In addition, the implant edge may be apparent or visible under the skin. Once the breast tissue is damaged like this, your surgeon may not be able to reverse the damage.

Considering your Breast Implant options :

You should consult with your surgeon on which of these cohesive gel implants may best suit  your needs. Beyond the implant gel filler material, there are other variables such as implant size, shape and profile that, along with your breast tissue characteristics can help you and your surgeon achieve the desired result.

A note about silicone: Every silicone gel-filled breast implant in the Natrelle® Collection has a cohesive silicone gel-filler. Basically, this means that silicone inside the implant acts more like a soft solid than a liquid. All Allergan gel-filled breast implants have a patented INTRASHIEL™ Barrier Technology. This barrier in the shell reduces shell permeability and minimizes gel diffusion or gel bleed.


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