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How to Turn a Relationship into a Sale

by anonymous

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Sales teams that focus on relationships quickly learn the value of providing personal and professional value to clients rather than focusing solely on the sale. The impact of relationship building with your customers may surprise you. Ferrazzi Greenlight’s study of 16 Global Account Teams showed that these strategic, relationship-focused teams grew their accounts at least twice as fast as regular transactionally-focused account teams. This happened despite the fact that the relationship-focused teams worked on the company’s largest, most mature accounts — the most difficult to expand rapidly because they were already so large.

People do business with people they know and like. And people like people who focus on their success. That means sales call is a success if it advances your customers’ cause and builds the relationship, not just if it closes a transaction. The good news is that transactions often happen as a matter of course when sales teams focus on building great relationships with generosity.

One of the things I advise salespeople to do is to be prepared with five packets of generosity and no expectations. Do the homework required to go into each meeting with a list of five ways to make the person you’re meeting successful. That’s what’s going to arrest people’s attention and make them willing to develop a closer relationship with you. Take the advantage of a unique web based <a href=””>sales management software</a> which includes tools to measure and share sales productivity and simplifies sales process.

4 Tips for Effective Pre-Call Sales Planning.

If you consistently sell to the same decision makers, make assumptions. Assume that they have similar objectives and face similar challenges as your existing clients. For example, most marketers today are under intense pressure to bring in more high quality leads or to justify their marketing spend. My Buyer’s Matrix is an excellent tool to help you outline the challenges your prospect is facing.

If you typically sell to certain industries, immerse yourself in them. Join their associations, attend their meetings, get their newsletters and dig into their websites. Another great resource for learning more is via LinkedIn groups. You’ll find groups focused on certain industries as well as job positions. Personally, I belong to groups for VP’s of Sales just so I can keep up-to-date. Sales Lead tracking is unique software for sales teams to share success, compete and excel.

Prep some questions ahead of time to ensure you learn what’s top-of-mind for your prospect. Use your assumptions and what you’ve learned in your immersion as a starting point. When you actually meet with prospects you’ll want to find out their perspectives on these important topics.

Don’t be afraid of not knowing everything. No one expects it. They just want you to be knowledgeable and show you’ve done your homework.
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