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Establishing Safer Games with the Ideal Lacrosse Uniforms an

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Lacrosse came from an indigenous stickball game of American Indians. In 1636, the Jesuit priest Jean de Brebeuf was the first European to find out about the sport after seeing that the lacrosse sticks appeared like a bishop's crosier, creating the term after it. In 1867, the first set of playing rules was established by Dr. William George Beers, the father of modern lacrosse.

Aside from, you are in need of padding to protect yourself in case uniforms for lacrosse you want participating in lacrosse. Just like hockey, it is thought of as a contact sport, where it is part of regular play for players to be physical with each other. The following are the required gear and equipment for lacrosse.


Considering that a lacrosse ball can travel in velocities of up to a hundred miles per hour, a player needs a helmet to shield his head. Helmets is made up of tough plastic, thick inside padding, face mask of metal bars, and a chin strap. It must comfortably fit the head to make sure that injuries like eye gouging are prevented, specifically the blows induced by the swatting of sticks.

Body Padding and Shoes

Body padding consists of gloves, elbow guards, shoulder pads, arm guards, kidney and back pads, and leg pads. A participant should be sufficiently secured all the time since there will be constant contact from other participants. For males, an athletic cup is crucial, although it's not required in some leagues. With rubber or spikes, cleats are the main shoes across a lot of organizations.

Lacrosse Sticks

Lacrosse sticks are used to handle the ball, as well as to dawn on opponents so they will release theirs. The head of a lacrosse stick is three-sided in design with unhinged netting to grab, carry, and throw a shot. There are various lacrosse sticks basing on the player's place but what's vital is to decide on a stick based on its toughness and how it feels for the player. Design and color have to only be secondary.

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