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The Idea of Hiking Kilimanjaro for Newcomers

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Kilimanjaro climbing can be a hectic experience for any newcomer trekker. But if the person is regularly accustomed to numerous small trips, then the experience of climbing this huge mountain will never be a difficult experience. You can get intimidated by simply looking at the Mt Kilimanjaro (5,892 m).

If you reach to the top of this mountain, you may able to view a greater part of Africa. There are 7 routes to this mountain which are Umbwe, Rongai, Shira, Mweka, Lemosho, Machame, and Marangu. 

 For any complete newcomer the best way to climb Kilimanjaro is the Marangu route, which enters from the southeast portion of this mountain and has proved to be the simplest and favorite route. Most of the travelers favor this route for various reasons, as it ensures a slow and safe journey for any newcomer. The route also offers different huts which can accommodate almost sixty people. People may also conveniently spend their night here along with pillows and mattresses. There are various kinds of facilities which you will also get also get along with these such as convenient washrooms, dining rooms and kitchens. Moreover, you will also get some shops around dealing with water, soft drinks and many other amenities. People generally feel the requirements of these things during their hiking Kilimanjaro journey.

People also like the Machame route. The route commences from the south portion of the mountain and afterwards turns towards the east portion of the mountain. It is tougher to travel through this route than Marangu and the journey also gets lingered. But people selecting this route will face a beautiful forest in the way and will also witness sceneries of glaciers on the south portion of the mountain. If you can really be resilient enough to follow a tough route, you should select the Lemosho route. The trips to Kilimanjaro through this route offer you the chance to see the different angles of this mountain, as you will travel through alpine forests and also witness closed volcanoes. The scenery is definitely worth watching.

Many people thinks that the entire journey of Kilimanjaro climbs can be completed in five days as most unsuccessful trekkers return after five days. The guides can play an important factor to ensure success of the journey as they continuously suggest their clients when to halt or slow down. A slow and steady journey to these mountains can be more amusing. A steady trekker has a greater chance of success in this journey, by moving steadily and cherishing the beautiful environment.

The newcomer trekkers should carefully follow the advice of Kilimanjaro guides for success in their journey. The routes to the mountain should be carefully followed. The newcomers should be very careful while climbing steep mountains. A slow speed in this journey ensures success in reaching the top of this extremely high mountain. It will be an overwhelming experience for any first time trekker to reach the top of this mountain.

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