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Strategies for a successful Catholic school fundraising

by anonymous

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Without donations from parents and other people in the community, schools in this country wouldn't have enough money for all their activities. Rather than shelve extracurricular activities that are important for students, schools organize fundraisers to raise the money for these activities. Parents can only give so much money towards their children's schools; they have financial troubles of their own and thus cannot spare too much money. Busy schedules also keep many parents from attending school fundraising events. Some parents have even gotten tired of being asked to give money all the time and have plainly decided to just ignore fundraisers. Nonetheless, there are some helpful strategies that a school can use in order to improve success in fundraising.


When organizing a fundraiser for school, the team responsible should communicate to the parents and other prospective donors the purpose for which the money is being raised and how the school and by extension the whole community will benefit. People are more likely to contribute in a fundraiserif they are aware of how their money will be put to good use. Unfortunately, many Catholic school fundraising organizers alienate donors by failing to share their goals with them. It's important to make donors feel that they are making a worthwhile contribution to the betterment of society when they give money to the fundraiser.


Many school fundraising organizers also tend to forget to thank all the people who have contributed in one way or another to their fundraiser for school. Not acknowledging people's kindness discourages them from taking part in future fundraisers. At the same time, it's important to give all the people who gave money to a project regular updates of how the project is faring just to let them know that their money is going towards accomplishing the intended purpose.


Selling foodstuffs and other consumer goods is a popular method of raising funds. However, many Catholic school fundraising organizers don't seem to seriously consider what to sell to people. Even if your objective is to raise money for your school, you shouldn't offer people useless items they don't need. If you want more people to buy things from you, pick items that have value. The same applies to foodstuffs. It is rude and in bad taste to sell stale or unhealthy foods to people to collect funds.


It pays to take the fundraiser for school outside the school and involve other people who are not parents. Some schools encourage children to go door to door soliciting money from people or selling stuff to raise money. This is however not too a popular means of fundraising considering the dangers children can be exposed to as they go from house to house. A better option would be to approach donors such as companies doing business in the area, charity organizations like rotary clubs, professional organizations like athletics clubs, and so on. The fundraising committee should only approach those donors that are likely to donate to its cause. For example, if the fundraiserintends to raise money for a sports team, the best donors to approach are those that have an interest in sports such as companies that sell sports goods.



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