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Small but terrible shopping mall stalls

by advdisga

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Putting up stalls inside shopping stalls is among today’s business trends. Entrepreneurs, especially new or aspiring ones, are opting for this kind of venture; firstly, because it is more affordable to maintain stalls in comparison to renting a whole commercial space in a mall. Stalls have cheaper rental fee. But aside from this reason, their ventures are also of better advantage to be noticed by mall goers because of stalls’ strategic locations. Unlike larger and enclosed commercial spaces, stalls are just small; meaning they could fit even at the mall aisles without being hindrance to where shoppers walk. Because they are positioned exactly where people pass by, they get more chance to catch their attention. Even if these stalls are humble in size, as long as the entrepreneur knows how to properly work a display system, they still have the opportunity to earn even as much as those stores that are larger than them.

Many entrepreneurs who started with selling their products through stalls inside malls have succeeded in making their business bigger. However, not everyone does. Of course there are a lot of other establishments inside the mall that might carry the same merchandize or services more than they do. Larger stores can even equipped with more storage and shop fitting systems that can help them in showcasing a wider range of products. Stalls may be small, but just like enclosed establishments, people who run their business in this kind of setting also can still have enough space for their storage. Cabinets and drawers may be included in the shop fitting materials so they could easily grab their merchandise from it when a customers asks. As mentioned a while ago, the secret to stall ownership is to optimize the use of retail shop supplies for better display system.

The attention span of mall goers are relatively shorter, so if a business owner wants his stall to be noticed, he has to make an effort to make it more attractive or eye catching for the consumers. Settling for dull looking gondolas display just would not do. If so, then the business is certainly headed for a shut down sooner or later. One way of catching the gaze and the interest of shoppers is by applying cool colored hues on the racks and showcase counters of the stall. A pleasant color emits good atmosphere which the shoppers could translate as feelings of desire. As a result, they unconsciously perceive the products being showcased as things worthy of their money. This is how effective an display system works. Many stall owners survive in the business and even have the opportunity to expand it due to the increased profits that they get from this strategy.

It is true, that there are things that are small but terrible; and stalls are one of them. As long as the owner knows how to bring out its full potential and to properly use the shop fitting that he has, profits are surely on its way.


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