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'Focus on accuracy; speed will automatically come with pract

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In the first Live Chat session on May 24, Mr. Abhishek Gupta, National Product Head, MBA Test-Prep, Career Launcher India had guided CAT Aspirants on their CAT preparation related queries. The second Live Chat on May 31 hosted Mr. Sandeep Manudhane, Founder Chairman, PT Education to answer queries from CAT Aspirants. In another Live Chat CAT Expert & seasoned CAT Trainer Mr. S K Agarwal  guided Aspirants on verbal ability section.

This article brings you some questions asked by MBA Aspirants and answer shared by Mr. Rajesh Balasubramanian during the Live Chat session on June 14, 2013.

Raghu: Sir, I am from engineering background and have good knowledge of mathematics. My accuracy is also good but speed is my problem area in Quant & DI. Please suggest way to overcome?

Rajesh Balasubramanian: Focus on accuracy. If your accuracy is good, speed will automatically come with practice. Therefore, don’t worry about speed. Attempt the right questions; get them right, and you will be through. Do not do anything specific to improve speed. That is distracting and usually affects accuracy.

Pankaj Virmani: How many questions are enough to get a percentile in quant & DI section? Can I skip DI section to make more attempts in Quant section?
Rajesh Balasubramanian: Your choice may vary from paper to paper. But thumb rule, attempt of around 17-19 fetches 99th percentile (assuming almost everything is correct). Do not go in planning to leave DI. This sometimes makes the decision-making very poor. You end up attempting all the wrong questions in quant because you have to hit your target within 20 questions. Balance is important to keep the decision-making correct. I will suggest you to not ignore DI.

Kaustav Sarkar: Sir, I took two full length mock tests. My quant score was good I also invited negative marks. How to overcome this problem?
Rajesh Balasubramanian: In initial stage of practice, focus on accuracy. Restrict your attempts. Bring attempts to a number where accuracy is near 100%. Then build from there. If you can attempt exactly 10 questions in a paper but get all of them right, that will take you close to 90th percentile. If you solve 3-4 more, you will come near to 95+ percentile. Remember, accuracy is key. When in doubt, just LEAVE the question.

Pavan Kumar: Sir, I come from Commerce background and just started off my CAT preparation with QA. Is it possible to complete the syllabus in next 2 -3 months of time?
Rajesh Balasubramanian: The time remaining is definitely enough. Till 10 years ago, students used to start preparing only in August. Only recently has this trend of preparing for 12 months started. How intensely you prepare in your last 3 months matters. You can start now and crack CAT. Between the two sections, quant is considered tougher. So, students with math background might find it easier to start preparing. But keep in mind that the math level is only at the 6th to 8th standard level, so you can catch up easily.

Karnav: How many hours need to put for Quant section on daily basis, ideally?
Rajesh Balasubramanian: For the first 6-8 weeks, 10-14 hours per week would be sufficient. The next 6-8 weeks, one should do 16-18 hours. The final few weeks, one should shoot for 25-30 hours

Kavita: Sir, please tell me the areas where an Aspirant is likely to commit mistake during CAT preparation.
Rajesh Balasubramanian: Most common mistakes are as follows 1) Focusing on shortcuts rather than fundamentals 2) Focusing on speed instead of accuracy 3) Analyzing percentiles after taking mock CATs instead of analyzing the paper

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