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How to go for iPhone application development at low cost

by anonymous

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While everyone is getting their apps done why your business should suffer? There are plenty of ways of getting it done and if you are looking at a very small, say shoestring budget n terms of iPhone application development then we have something in store for you. This guide will help you get a functional app without any hassles or embarrassments of getting ridiculed to even think of it.

1. Know your limits

Before you take off with the idea, understand that people pay thousands of dollars to get their app developed. It’s not that you cannot do it but make sure that you do not ask for impossible things in the budget. To start with, the app has to be very basic without all the usual glittery part. Just work on the core idea and how you want it to work. Ask questions like what will the app do, what features would be there and what the user would get out of it.

2. Talk about it

Do you know some of the people in the business or are you a complete newbie? In either case, it is important to discuss what you want. Obviously, not all the people around you would be into iPhone application development but internet can be a great place to start with. You can join development forums or social networking groups to know the work better. Ask people what kind of apps should be seen in order to understand the low budget apps. You can also discuss about the idea and if it can work.

3. Fixed budget

Whether you go with a freelance developer or a company, it is important to decide on the cost of project on the very first instance. Often people choose to go with variable prices and keep on adding features which only adds to the billing. We would recommend that you tell the developer that X amount is the budget and whatever they do has to be done within the cost. This would help ease up the things.

4. Hire wisely

For quality iPhone application development, it is better to go with a company. Although, a freelance developer may offer better price, you cannot really rely on him for quality and timely completion of work. Undeniably, there are some really good freelance developers but the number is few. On the other hand, companies how better professionalism and help you get the work done within the cost and time. Still, ensure that you invest with a good team.

5. Loosen the designing part

Designing has become a critical part of iPhone application development but it is also quite costly. While developers design themselves too, professional designers are better. However, within a shoestring app budget, we would suggest that you give designers a miss. Apps’ aesthetic value is important but work on making it more functional with basic colour and layout. If possible, invest more time and money in testing the application.

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