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Get Your Vision Corrected Through Modern Laser Eye Surgery

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Correcting any defect related to vision has become very easy through the process of advanced laser eye surgery. The procedure is also referred as lasik. Surgeons usually undertake such treatment in order to correct hyperopia, astigmatism and even myopia. Under this procedure, an ophthalmologist uses laser beams in order to reshape the cornea of the eyes of the patient. It helps to improve acuity of vision.

It is certain that laser eye surgery cost is comparatively cheaper than other types of surgery. This is a viable alternative to open surgeries and many people go for it due to its non-invasive nature.

Lasik surgery offers a beneficial alternative to either contact lenses or eyeglasses. It is however similar to photorefractive keratectomy, which is another corrective procedure followed to rectify vision problems.

General procedure adopted in laser eye surgery
Laser surgery involves in creation of a fine flap on eyes. The flap is folded in order to remodel the tissue lying under it with the help of laser beam and is later repositioned.

Creating flap
The eyeball is made stagnant by a corneal suction ring. After stabilizing the eye, the flap is structured by a metal blade or femtosecond laser. As a result, a series of bubbles is created in the cornea. The flap is refolded with a hinge, which reveals the stroma – the centre of cornea.

In this stage, excimer laser is used to remodel the stroma of cornea. The effect of the laser beam helps to vaporize tissue under a controlled process, which keeps the stroma undamaged. The process does not require any additional cutting or even burning.

In the second stage, the vision of the patient becomes hazy when the flap is lifted. The laser beam follows a tracking system and redirects laser pulses for accelerating precise placement of the tissue.

Flap repositioning
After reshaping the stroma layer, the flap is repositioned carefully. Additional care is taken to ensure that no air bubbles or debris is left there. The flap stays in position through natural adhesion until it is properly healed.

Postoperative care
After successful completion of lasik surgery, the patient is prescribed certain anti-inflammatory and antibiotic eye drops. The solutions are usually continued for a week or two. Patients are also suggested not to expose their operated eye to direct glaring light or even sunlight.

Lasik eye surgery has become much popular and the ophthalmologists are seeking the help of it to cure any kind of vision defects of patients. The procedure is highly productive, with minor temporary side effects. It can be carried out on patients of any age group

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