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What to Expect Before and After Vein Treatment

by ambersmith

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You are considering of going through vein treatment. You want to eliminate your varicose veins simply because they make your legs look terrible. Because of this, you cannot wear short skirt and even shorts. However, you are confused about the things that can happen before and after vein surgery; hence, you are afraid to carry out your plan. Don’t be. Keep reading this article to provide you with reassurance.

Before Vein Treatment

The vein specialist carry out physical examination. He will also inquire about your, as well as your family’s medical history. These two processes may help him identify which vein treatment is ideal for you as patient. Additionally, the dermatologist will gather the information required for your cure. He will analyze how the blood flows in your veins. He may ask that you undergo imaging scan like the Doppler ultrasound as well.

After Vein Treatment

Most patients can go back to their job after therapy. However, you have to see to it that you adhere to care instructions. You may be instructed to wear compression stocking or use bandage for one to three weeks for 24 hours (except when bathing) in order to guarantee you of better outcome. You need to also raise the operated spot every time.

Likewise, you will be given certain directions on walking. Lying in bed all day is not necessary. This leads to some side effects. The physician will inform you on how often you should walk and for how long you must do it. Some doctors allow walking at least 15 minutes each hour.

Should you be used to performing intense exercises every day, you should consider stopping it and wait until the dermatologist tells you to do so. Stay away from going outdoors for two weeks as well to stop the appearance of dark spots right on the skin where the operation occurred.

Do not be frightened of tenderness for the entire first week because the treated vein is shrinking and beginning to close. You may also see redness on the spot and feel heat. Again, never fret because swelling and bruising is likely. You may use cold pack to the inner thigh. Your doctor may also prescribe you with some medications to ease you of the pain. You may eliminate the stitches two days after the procedure.

Your vein specialist may schedule another ultrasound for you. This is to check if vein closure happens and if you require another treatment. As the healing process takes place, you may see dry skin. This is very good news because this only implies that new skin is regenerating. In case your temperature rise to over 100 degree Fahrenheit or you observe uncommon swelling, call the vein office immediately.

Vein treatment is needed not only when it makes your legs look terrible but also when it already makes you feel unpleasant because of throbbing pain and inflammation. Speak to your vein specialist or dermatologist promptly to find out which method suits you.


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