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Get Your Message Creatively Across With Large Chalkboards

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There is no doubt that eye-catching signage grabs people’s attention quicker than anything.  Bespoke advertising signs can be expensive, but there is another alternative which is more flexible and less expensive.  Artistically designed and illustrated chalkboards can increase your turnover by 50%.

 Whether you’re promoting seasonal events, food and drink specials, or just general information, displaying it on large chalkboards is one of the simplest and most effective ways to get your message across.  When it’s designed with the help of an artist, it looks great in any kind of business establishment.

 Chalkboardsfor display come in many shapes, sizes and styles.  An A-frame chalk board type is suitable or outside or just inside the entrance of your business, gives you more flexibility as it is double-sided, and is great when you have a lack of wall space.  You can also get changeable inserts for these type of blackboards.

 A traditional wood framed blackboard gives a taste of refinement and can be wall mounted or hung.  These look great in trendy bars, restaurants and cafes where the menu can be easily seen by the patrons.  You can even get blackboards made in the shape of a steaming cup or food item for a fun and unique look.

 All artwork on these types of chalkboards is weatherproof and waterproof.  This artwork is applied with either permanent or semi-permanent pens, so will last years.   Of course if the sign is outside it may wear a bit quicker, depending if it is in direct sunlight or constant rain.

 With large chalkboards you have more options and scope when it comes to artwork and illustration.  They can be used for everything from sporting events to wedding announcements to seasonal promotions.  When well-designed by an artist, the effects can be fantastically eye-catching and attention grabbing.

 Illustrated blackboards are also great for any kind of special event.  They can be designed in black and white or bright colours, but the end result is always striking and effective.  You can also purchase blank boards if you prefer to do it yourself, but it’s best to use high quality chalkboard pens for this.

 Increase your client traffic with this innovative way of advertising.  Whether a small ‘table talker’ chalkboard, or large chalkboards on the wall, they are an efficient, effective and economical way of promoting or displaying almost anything.  You can choose from custom-designed, sign-written, magnetic or blank boards. 

 About Us:  Well-designed blackboards are a clever and creative way to promote your business or display general information.  Illustrated in colour and created to fit your individual company or cause, blackboards grab people’s attention instantly.  They can be invaluable marketing tools and message boards, reaching many people at once, easily and effectively.  At we can put together a blackboard package for you to suit every budget and style.  We can refresh existing blackboards, design something fun and fancy, or supply you with basic blank boards for you to get creative with.


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