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Is Monaco the Best Day of the Grand Prix Calendar?

by Chrisw189

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Being a travel writer certainly has a lot of advantages, promotional packages and good deals continually pour in. This places me in a perfect place to review and critique new travel goods. Getting wined and dined around the world, being a keen spectator at fiestas, excursions and sporting events are just some of my usual activities in a day in my work. So, it is with great pride and privilege that I present my remarkable experiences of the luxurious Monte Carlo Grand Prix.

Once I got to experience the fantastic atmosphere in the Cote d'Azur, which most people can only experience in their wildest dreams. You can truly experience the great thrill of the place anywhere you may go in this thrilling and splendid popular tax haven. The experience that you'll get here is similar to the same as having a lovely glass of Dom Perignon, chilled to perfection on the multimillion dollar yacht. Indeed, when it comes to extravagant matters, luxury is just a normal sequence in the playground of the wealthy and famous.

A trip to Monaco won't be completed without going to the local casino. Nonetheless, it also has a huge, amazing oceanarium as well as unique gardens on the top of a huge labyrinth of caves. In addition, what can be better than shopping within the scenic streets underneath the warm glow of sun? In Monte Carlo, you can do all of that and more. Prada, Gucci and so forth are all you can find about Monaco, as well as famous luxurious cars like as Ferrari, Porsche and Maserati within car display rooms in between the clothes stores. But if each one of these issues still do not do it for you, wait for Formula 1 time and for sure, excitement will increase towards the nth power. Celebs, royals and also the top from the wealthy list visit Monte Carlo to absorb the high octane thrills of Monte Carlo Grand Prix deals. Depending on the budget you have established for the experience you'll be able to rent among the most costly yachts in the world, travel by Lear jet, opt for helicopter transfer, or to warm up for the big race, by renting a super car.

A thrilling experience is what you are able to get with a Monte Carlo Grand Prix offer. Among some of the guests’ programs include rubbing elbows with the drivers, hanging out aboard luxurious yachts and of course, getting a front seat to see what is potentially the most exhilarating occasions in the sporting calendar.

The Monte Carlo Grand Prix is so grand in scale, you do not have to be considered a enthusiast simply to enjoy it. Armed with ear defenders, (because believe me - you need them) you'll be able to soak up the sunlight on the hospitality balcony or the deck of a super yacht and get in on the F1 motion when it suits you.

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