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5 Creative Summer Projects That Save Energy

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For most Canadians, the onset of summer is a time to celebrate the end of what feels like an eternity of hibernation. When the sun is shining and the temperature is right, you’re finally free to enjoy all of the activities you missed out on while cooped up during the cold winter months. If you’re feeling a sudden urge to be a DIY guru this season, there are many fun and creative projects you can make for your household that will both save you money and conserve energy. Here are 5 clever ideas you can get started on:


 1.    Get the bugs to bug off.

Is there anything that bugs you more than bugs swarming your picnic site or backyard BBQ when you’re trying to entertain? Those nasty pests can ruin a delightful summer’s evening, but you can get the best of them the non-toxic way in an instant with a yellow jacket lure. This trap both distracts and defeats the irritating insects with a piece of raw fish and some simple assembly – using a non-toxic spray bottle mixture will make you feel a lot better too.


2. Eliminate ants easily

Once the warm weather sets in you can be sure that a legion of food-infesting vermin are not far behind. It seems like everywhere you turn, there they are in droves. But fear not, there are alternative solutions to toxic traps and poisons. Correcting the ant issue is as safe and simple as using baby powder to turn the tide, or you can create your own homemade killer. Note that the baby powder kills off the little buggers through confusion and disorientation.


3. Cook outside with solar heat

In the summer most people want to retire their oven functionality in favor of an outside grill. After all, who can stand the excess heat of an oven inside their home on an already hot day? However, not everyone has the luxury of a grill – so why not use the sun to do a little eco-friendly cooking? You can get some good cooking in with a parabolic skillet heater, or go the simple route with a cardboard box oven. Either way, it’s a guaranteed way to impress your guests!


4. Heat blocking curtains

Direct sunlight in your home can make your living space feel like a makeshift sauna and contribute to your home’s overall heat in the summer. To avoid costly A/C bills or overheated rooms in the house, you can use the same foam-and-foil stuff they make windshield blockers out of and hang it as a removable curtain. You can either buy the materials and hang it or create the blockers yourself.


5. Keep your bevvies “chill”

When your friends are on their way, the grill’s fired up, and the sun is shining brilliantly, there is literally no better feeling. But your bubble is about to pop once you realize that you completely forgot to chill the beer and soda. Yikes. Don’t freak out, all is not lost – grab a bucket, some ice, a bit of salt, and start moving your drinks around. Voila! Your Friday night dinner party woes have been resolved before anyone had the chance to notice!


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