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5 best Firefox plug-ins to improve Gmail’s performance

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Millions of users today use Gmail as an e-mailing client for sending and receiving e-mails as well as storing important data and information. Despite continuous updates from Google, users find Gmail not living up to expectations in certain ways.  But don’t worry as you can enjoy Gmail in your browser with augmented features by using some great plug-ins for Mozilla Firefox.

Discussed below are the best 5 Firefox plug-ins that can improve the performance of Gmail:

Integrated Gmail

Integrated Gmail is a simple but useful add-on for users who are using Gmail on a Firefox browser. Using this add-on, you can split the Gmail interface into various collapsible sections which allow you to close and expand different parts of the interface to use your screen in an effective manner.

This add-on can also integrate several other Gmail programs such as Calendar, Tasks, Notebooks, Groups, Maps and others into the Gmail inbox. By using the add-on you can turn your inbox into a central area for all your activities related to Google.

Installation of this plug-in is very convenient as this doesn’t even require users to restart the Firefox. You can term it as a combination of flexibility and performance.


Gmelius is the perfect plug-in for those Gmail users who require working on the intricate core  of Gmail.  It stands true to its tagline which states – “No Ads and Better User interface for Gmail”. Gmelius helps users get rid of pesky ads and allows users to make changes in the Gmail interface by removing portions which they don’t like. Changing the Gmail interface with the help of Gemlius is very easy and can be done in minutes.

Using the add-on you can enable or disable the following features:

  • Remove ads
  • Click on the Gmail logo for going into the Inbox
  • Removal of chat and/or the statuses of people in Chat
  • Removal of People list
  • Footer removal
  • Move around attachment icon and label positions


Rapportive is another interesting add-on for your Firefox browser that helps you recognize the identity of a sender in case you are not being able to recognize him with the email address. While you read the e-mail, the add-on takes into consideration the e-mail context and retrieves relevant information related to the sender and displays them simultaneously on the right of the sidebar.

By using Rapportive you can see information such as profile photos, location, vocation, latest Tweets, and other social networking details on your screen. You can write down details about contacts and Rapportive helps you track those contacts. In a nutshell, it helps you fetch data from social networking websites and other relevant platforms about someone whom you are not familiar with.


Taskforce is a popular add-on that can easily convert your e-mails into tasks. If you need to send an urgent e-mail then you can set it as an urgent task and deal with it without any inconvenience. In case the e-mail is not so urgent then you can add it to your Calendar and then send the e-mail at the right time. In this way the add-on helps you manage your e-mails especially when you need to deal with a huge number e-mails in a day.

Right Inbox

When you have to deal with hundreds of e-mails in a day, it is not easy for you to keep track of all of them. In such a case, it is probable that you miss some important e-mails. You may forget to send an important e-mail or respond immediately and this can create issues for the smooth execution of your business. But don’t worry as Right Inbox is there for your help. Right Inbox is an automation add-on that helps you manage your e-mails and enables you to use your Gmail in a much effective manner.



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