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Why A Majority of iPhone Applications Fail to Takeoff?

by anonymous

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The success of stories of billionaires made from selling apps has made people believe in the idea. But like with every other way of making money, things are not quite that simple. The truth is that hundreds of applications are submitted in the App Store every day and the number of failing apps is much, much higher than the ones that succeed.

We think that there are a few reasons when IPhone application development can be a real failure. Here’s what you wouldn’t like to do with your app.

1. Extreme inspiration

While it is awesome to find in inspiration, it does not actually mean blatantly copying the idea. Think of it, people have already played the Angry Bird game and why the hell on earth would they invest in something like ‘Angry Snake’ or ‘Angry Pig’. Unfortunately, a majority of people think that they can replicate the success of popular apps by simply copying the idea. It doesn’t actually work as users are always searching for something new that can excite them. Do you have something like that?
Tip: Research the app market and see if there are any similar apps to what you are working on.

2. Disbelief

IPhone application development is all about enthusiasm and craziness over an idea. You become so obsessed with it that everything else looks disinteresting but things are not going to work the right way if you don’t believe in the idea itself. I want to get rich with an app is a useless motive unless you know that the app is really cool. Work on the idea, think of what benefits it will offer to users and if at any point you think it’s useless, just leave it.

Tip: Know why do you want an app.

3. Too much money

It is true that companies spend thousands of dollars on IPhone application development but you really do not have to compete with them. The market is open for everyone and if you prepare a careful business model, things would work. However, you do not need to go over the budget for it.

It is understandable that you app needs more detailing but it will never be perfect. There will be always this something that needs to be done but don’t keep burning money into that. Decide what the budget is and get the work done. You can always update the version once things are in motion.

Tip: Have a fixed budget.

4. Disorientation

While all of us know that IPhone application development is all about users, we fail to keep it in mind. Often companies and individuals go on making an app to promote themselves and show how good they are but users are simply not interested. They want something useful, informative and helpful. So, it’s better that you start thinking the way your target market does.

Tip: Study one what group are you going to target and then work on likeable colours, features and similar stuff.

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