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Black hat and White Both are Generate Equal link

by marybalogh

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Increase ranking with the use of basic techniques are used for search engine optimization, or related techniques are used for link building strategies, Mostly result for optimal results we change the terminology on link  development techniques .
For every type of link development this type of techniques White hat SEO, black hat SEO, and gray hat SEO. Used for organic results and generate long time of results we   SEO for used for the ranking system in searching page and  Gray hat SEO walks the line between the white and black hats of search engine optimization.

On the Google search engine there are various  uses as a part of your SEO and the techniques used for website development and different way for publishing the keywords strategies Increase ranking system on the use of different methods of search engine optimization that is given the most used for increase the rank with black hat and white hat SEO methods and  important things for about the ranking system on search engine keyword development techniques.

With best possible searching for keyword on developing the rules for keywords for  finding techniques and exact results comes to SEO position to increase the keyword rank on the Google ranking system for finding the internet related business , keywords are the key for every website to open the web page  so it stands to reason that use the  importance of keywords. Always use the relevant keywords for, give the results for related website with wrong keywords you won’t attract the right kind of traffic to your website and your SEO will be not shown the proper results.

Keyword research for use the ranking system that are giving the traffic results  to your website. In theory all coming  traffic on our web page are good, but only results that give the profit for your business , we can say that is an actual traffic  really want is the traffic that is likely to convert or benefit from your website and leave satisfied.
White Hat SEO is the best way to increase the visibility of a website and work according terminologies with keyword searching results and visibility for specified keywords for every type of keywords result White Hat SEO Techniques increase result for a long time and promote long term results conform to follow the rules of Google's SEO guidelines and showing the results for  the most effective process of website promotion.

Use this to increase the long time of results:
    Keyword Density
     Related content
    Well configured Title bar, and Meta Tags
    Link structures on Google guidelines
    Link Exchange

Not follow the Google rules to increase the web page results :
Use for increase keywords quick results, they are more often than long terms or results . Choosing to implement Black Hat SEO techniques to increase your website's online visibility and ranking should be discouraged as your website may very well be banned from major search engines.

Types of Black hat SEO:
    Keyword Stuffing
    Hidden Links & Text
    Doorway Pages

All the black hat search engine optimization methods to work on a different ranking system but on the long term results White hat SEO is best.

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