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The Perfect Context for Your Custom Home

by anonymous

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Part of the charm of custom homes is the location on which they are built. Many of the custom homes we see are just built in the middle of neighborhoods and subdivisions. And even though they are exceptionally beautiful, one can’t really appreciate their overall grandeur. Before building your custom home on just anywhere, it is better to scout for ideal locations where your house will definitely stand out. Of course, you will still need the expertise of custom home developers like Reel Homes, but at least you already have a clear goal and vision for your home. There are actually three locations where your house can be so idyllic it can be featured in home magazines.

By the cliff

Place a custom home by a cliff, and you can have a customized postcard of your own, free to send jealous relatives and friends. Just imagine the whole picture. You will not only be the envy of those relatives and friends but also of your whole neighborhood! I mean, what can be more scenic than a house on a cliff. That picture is both exciting and alarming, beautiful and haunting. And by golly! It can be good enough to be a setting for a Hollywood film. Of course, your house has to be exceptionally idyllic for that to happen. Plus, you got to have lots and lots of publicity. Perhaps a popular home developer--Reel Homes for example--can help you with the kind and amount of publicity you need.

By the sea

Imagine a scene from the movie Nights in Rodanthe. Close your eyes and imagine the setting of the film. Can you see the house on the beach? Can you feel the ambience? Can you see yourself living in such a beauty? Well, my friend, all you have to do is contact a first rate home developer like Reel Homes, and you are on your way to your own house on a beach. You can even make it took like that house from Nights in Rodanthe. Although you won’t be original. Perhaps using your own style will end up with a better house. Don’t be afraid to follow your style.

On a hill

All you have to picture with this one is the story of Heidi. If you love serenity and peace, this setting is definitely for you. Of course, you don’t want to build your custom home exactly like that of Heidi’s--or do. It is your custom home anyway. You can do whatever you want to do with it. You can ask Reel Homes (or whatever home developer you hired for this project) to make it look like the house in Heidi but with a touch of your own style. That way, you can live as if you are in a storybook and still remind yourself that you are not Heidi (or a character of the story for that matter).

These are just suggestions, of course. If you still want to build your custom home in a subdivision, by all means, go on. But I hope you will also realize that your custom home can be like magic if you will only take the time to look for the perfect context.

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