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The Most Effecient, Low-Lag Minecraft Servers Available for

by irmagreer

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Originally created by a Swiss Programmer by the name of Markus, Persson, Minecraft is a very simple, sandbox video game. In 2009, it was first released to PC gamers in a bit of a beta form and was tested as an alpha version after a few consistently gradual updates. The full version was publicly released in November of 2011. More recent developments put Minecraft on Android smartphones in app form as well as on the iOs platform. Minecraft was even recently released on Xbox 360 and can be played as an Xbox Life Arcade game.

Creative Map Building

Minecraft is a genre all by itself. However, it does combine several key elements that makes the game so difficult in its simplicity. Minecraft allows players to fashion their own constructions with a series of textured cubes, in many instances, 3D. Minecraft doesn't stop there in its depth and playability. Minecraft fans also enjoy gathering resources, all-out exploration and adventure, and even some domesticated crafting and skill building. Gameplay includes survival and creative modes that allow users the ultimate option over setting their own pace and challenge levels.

The Best Minecraft Servers

Commonly, players enjoy their own special places created by using Minecraft Server Ports to set up a place on the web for only themselves and their friends to play in. This can be a game changer entirely for some, while others may still enjoy sticking to the basics, but with a much tighter group of combatants. There are many benefits to building and creating Minecraft Servers for private play with your group of friends or gamer acquaintances.

Because custom servers use different code thereby releasing them of the restrictions from that same code. This means that server maps can be as detailed as you feel like creating and you may not be limited by restrictions you come up against on public servers.

Custom Minecraft servers come with a range of features that can help to extend the playability, functionality and administration of the game. While custom Minecraft servers tend to suffer from more downtime issues than the public options, most players will agree that an occasional bug crash to desk is well worth the newly customizable options players find when moving from public to private servers.

Customized servers can take advantage of all of the extended color codes which will allow them to utilize vibrant colors that may not have previously been possible on the restrictive coding. Since the messages that are sent from server to player arrive in various color codes, users can customize their own sent and received messages. This can give them added ability during game play since they can quickly grow accustomed to recognizing their own commands and prompts above the others that are constantly scrolling the screen.

In some gaming circles, Minecraft has already begun to wedge its way in between those who would call themselves casual gamers, and those who play Minecraft with strategic campaign tactics that would rival any good general's in history.

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