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How a Sydney Graphic Designer Creates Sites with Pencil

by sharondahead

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Write scripts, send files, share tweets, and so on . . . our world has become a realm where nearly every little thing people do involves computer systems. Even a Sydney graphic designer isn't equipped well without his drawing tablet and graphics software. For web design critics like Smashing Magazine's Sven Lennartz, excellent graphic design concepts always start out with the tip of a pen or pencil.

Even in a digital world, there's still space for such tools in allowing designers to rapidly bring their concepts from their heads and into a concrete form. Workplace buildings start as blueprints, 3D cartoons as rough sketches, and Internet designs as doodles on paper. In truth, there are circumstances where hand-drawn designs fill websites entirely. This shows that, aside from being skilled at utilizing computer system design devices, graphic designers must also have exemplary illustration skills.

Hand-drawn designs are useful tools in making your website appear as minimalistic as possible. It's not plain or bland, stresses Lennartz; it is "artistic minimalism." Instead of using built-in or downloaded fonts, you can develop your very own calligraphy to add a touch of individuality to your website. Site visitors may be interested at a novel and unrecognised font that you appear to have employed, not recognizing it is in fact your freehand writing.

If artistic minimalism isn't your thing, hand-drawn designs can still be applied to support a design or a specific type of content. What better means to illustrate how purchasers benefit from a company's services than to draw images by hand? This works if you find 3D design tedious to create, and you prefer to project a fresh, novel appearance.

Fuzzy lines, pencil shades, and handmade icons all provide a unique message and make a favorable impression on site visitors. Although the end-products are produced with computer system design tools, the planning phase still begins with a pen and paper. These fundamental devices could help even the most digitally-oriented graphic designer in Sydney in quickly catching short-lived concepts onto the permanency of paper, before rendering them on a computer system. Therefore, a graphic designer should have a pen and paper handy.

If you like to know more about how hand-drawn designs can produce a special effect for your website, read Lennartz's post at Include the hand-drawn designs in your website, and see how they assist in enhancing your Internet traffic. Chances are your site visitors will react favorably to the distinct appearance.


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