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Epoxy Floor Covering – What you need to know

by liyo89

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Epoxy floor covering is a protective coating that is spread over terrazzo, chip and coloured aggregate flooring. It is clear and, after it cures, is extremely hard. Also known as polyepoxide, the surface shines clearly, with a glass-like finish. Depending on the needs of the location, the thickness can be varied. How thick the coating is will affect the curing time, making it between three days and a couple of weeks. A quality epoxy coating will stop skidding and keep porous surfaces safe for years.



Epoxy coatings are designed to have a very high-gloss, almost like glass. The epoxy resists staining and can help to smooth imperfections in concrete. Because it is extremely tough and can take a beating, epoxy is perfect for industrial and commercial applications. From factory floors to air hangars to grocery store flooring, an epoxy coating can protect the floor from normal wear and tear. The epoxy will adhere very well to all kinds of flooring, as well. Wood, metal, concrete and ceramic tile all adhere extremely well to the epoxy coating.



ThereareafewthingstonotebeforechoosinganEpoxy Floor Coating Canada.



If the epoxy floor gets chipped, repairs may involve more than just that single spot. It is imperative that the floor be primed correctly before the epoxy is put down. It takes a lot of work to repair the epoxy once it’s damaged, so it’s very important that the work get done right the first time. When an unusually thick coat of epoxy is laid out on the floor, bubbles often form in the epoxy that are trapped from poor workmanship or that rise out of the concrete. Colored epoxies can cause some real problems with color matching so it can very important to have all of the work done at once and correctly.



It is very important to bear in mind that epoxy can takes days to weeks to cure. It can be a very important part of the decision-making process about how long your business may need to stay closed.



CleaninganEpoxy Flooring Canadaisveryimportant.Dailycleaningcanbedonewithadustmoporabroom.Amild,non-abrasivedetergent.Thekeyistobegentleandkeepitveryclean.Sinceitsverydifficultandalotofworktoreplace,besuretofollowyourcoatingspecialistsinstructionstotheletter.


Remember: your epoxy floor is non-porous. Germs and dirt don’t sink into the floor so they sit on top. That’s why it’s so important to clean the floor every day.



An epoxy floor can last for years, even decades with proper care and maintenance. Hire the right company to install it and take good care of it and it will protect your floors for a long time.



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