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5 Out-of-The-Box Things Backpackers Must Do In Thailand

by sofiajennie

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Thailand is a destination where you can indulge without any inhibition. As a backpacker on an adventure trip, you can try your hands at some outlandish and unusual things so as to maximize your fun and experience of a Thai holiday. This article looks at 5 out-of-the-box things you can do in this country.

If you are one of those fun-loving types who can go to any extent to savor the delight of unfettered life, then there are some unusual and whacky things which Thailand packages have got for you. Try some of these stuffs and you are bound to get full value for your money:

i. Rock climbing at Krabi: Krabi is one of the most pristine corners in the world. Thailand takes great pride in this sea-and-rock town where adventure junkies love to head to. One of the prime sporting events out here is rock climbing. Krabi has some of the most rugged and notorious rocky cliffs which can really challenge the skills of even the most professional climber. Even if you are a novice or a first-timer, you can always take up a new sport and try get trained in it. It would be fun and it would be a great learning experience.

ii. Get close and personal with an elephant: Elephants and Thailand go hand in hand! The mighty creature is a strong symbol of the country’s heritage and culture. You are likely to come across this giant mammal in many parts of the country. But if you really wish to get close and personal with them, then it is strongly recommended that you include Chiang Mai trip in your Thailand package. The city of Chiang Mai has an entourage of elephant camps and conservation parks. At these places, you can enjoy a bath with the elephant or even feed it with your own hands. And of course, a ride on its back is a must-do!

iii. Dig into unfamiliar street foods: Thailand is one of the best places for an experimental foodie. Each street and nook of the country is teeming with vendors selling you a deluge of snacks and delicacies. From noodles to sushi to some unknown, unfamiliar looking eatable, you can gorge on anything and everything! If you always wanted to control your ‘Fear Factor’, then you can also go for those small insects which they fry up and sell! Yes, it sounds ‘eww’, but a true foodie never says no to anything, especially when on a holiday!

iv. A fish spa: Thailand tourism is famous for cheap spas and body massages. Many tourists head to this country with the chief purpose of sprinting to those parlors where they can have their muscles looked after by beautiful women and nibble-fingered massagers. One key and unique attraction is the fish spa. There are some spas which give your feet a pedicure with the help of innocuous fish who would chew away your dirtied skin. It would tickle but won’t do you any physical harm (no, they won’t ask you to dip your feet in a tank full of piranhas)!

v. Diving: If you always wanted to get to the bottom of the sea, then Thailand would be a great place to learn diving. Yes, you need to take up a short training course to learn the basic safety features while snorkeling or scuba diving! Places like Koh Tao and Koh Chang or Koh Phi Phi are the most recommended regions to polish your skills.

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