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What are the advantages of buying customized lube trucks?

by Daniellewis

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An oil or lube truck is an essential piece of equipment for people working with big mechanical machines. Lubrication and servicing is required on a regular basis to keep these machines in proper working condition. Nonetheless, the question that most people ask themselves is whether to buy a ready-built oil truck for sale or have an oil truck built to order. Lubrication experts advocate for custom-made trucks over prebuilt trucks.


Custom lube trucks have clear advantages over readymade trucks. If the only thing that one is concerned about is the price of a truck then a readymade oil truckis the better option. A ready-built oil truckcosts less than a customized truck because the manufacturer probably makes several of them at any one time hence lowering the manufacturing costs. On top of that, prebuilt trucks don't have any extra specifications apart from the standard ones. A custom truck not only costs more because of the added specifications but also takes longer to assemble and deliver. Ultimately though, one will be better served by a custom truck than a standard prebuilt truck.


One important advantage of customized lube trucks is that they are adapted to the particular needs of the owner. It is not possible for manufacturers of standard oil trucks to anticipate and accommodate all the requirements of customers who will need their trucks. One of the things that a truck should be customized for is the environment where it will be used. Similar equipment in different environments will require different levels of service because of the operating conditions. A machine in a dry dusty environment will require more frequent cleaning and oil changes because of the dust in that particular location. It will therefore require a lube truck that can deliver that level of service.


A standard oil truck for sale is not made for any particular environment. Such a truck can work well in some environments but fare badly in others. Think of the dusty environment in mines or road construction projects. Lubrication trucks used in these conditions should be adapted to the environment by having a 'housing' built over them to keep the dust away from the lubricants and the machinery onboard the truck. Trucks working in very hot places also need similar protection to keep away the heat.


Even though it may be cheaper to buy a standard oil truck for sale, there are hidden costs that will only show up later. For example, the truck may turn out to be unsuitable for a given machine thus forcing the owner to hire another truck to service that machine. Because the oil truck is not custom-made, upgrading it can be difficult and the owner might be forced to buy a new one. Trucks can malfunction or break down if they are taken to an environment that they are not customized to work in. This will require expensive repairs and lead to downtimes as the trucks are being fixed. For example, the lubricants can be contaminated by dust if the truck is not well covered in a dusty environment and machines can subsequently break down if they are fed with the contaminated lube.



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