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Adapting to the Heat using Camping Equipment

by zelliwillshon

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The first thing that
you need to keep in mind is that you need to stay hydrated.  Depending on
where you are, it is best to purchase your water in a sealed water bottle
instead of from the tap.  If you have water tablets in your camping
equipment at home, you could consider bringing them with you if you are going
to be somewhere that you cannot buy bottled water. 

Take a hint from the
locals and stay indoors in the middle of the afternoon.  You will find in
many warm cultures that everything shuts down in the afternoon when the sun is
at its highest and then reopens when the sun goes down.  Chances are you
will not find much to do in the afternoon in regards to sightseeing anyways so
you may as well use this time to rest.  You can then spend more time out
in the evening checking things out.  Be aware that these cultures tend to
eat their last meal of the day a bit later due to this.

If you do have to go
out when it is really hot outside then you will want to move slowly and not
rush to get anywhere.  This will help you from getting overheated and
prevent you from getting sunstroke and ruining your holiday.  Nothing
ruins a holiday more than having to spend it indoors and in bed because you got

When it comes to
packing for your warm holiday, pack clothing that is light and will
breathe.  One such type of clothing is made out of cotton as it is a
breathable material and it will help keep you cool.   As well,
choosing cotton clothing in light colors will help to keep from the heat being
absorbed into the fabric and causing you to heat up.  A hat can help keep
you a bit cooler as well, select one that is light colored with holes in it to
allow the heat to escape.  Once you are home, these can be added to your
camping equipment.

A personal fan can
be a life saver as you can turn it on if it is electric, or whip it open if
it’s a manual one, and help to keep yourself cool.  This is likely
something that you will have to raid from your camping equipment but having
more than one is not a bad thing.

When travelling to a
foreign country or any location that is hotter than where you live, especially
if you are going in your countries winter, it is best to follow a few simple
tips to help you stay healthy on your holiday.  If you camp in the summer,
you may already have some of the items you will want to take with you in your
camping equipment and you can just raid that supply. 


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